The SIN of SEX and LUST-Duerers’ Adam and Eva-this is NO Garden of PARADISE-PART 5

durer albrecht adam eve eva renaissance afrt sex lust sin dante michelangelo
The Duerers Adam and Eva print 1504-supposedly




So why the elk and the cat and mouse in the middle  in the middle of the composition, with the hare, the bull, and the chamois on Eva/Margret’s side?


durer albrecht jews Khazars sex, kiev russia renaisance crusades bulan elk
Khazaria in the 10th century at the heyday of Khazar Jewish Kingdom

When a minority group is constantly exposed to negative symbols, often times, they adopt those symbols to represent themselves as an “inside” joke and protest against the majority.  That happens in Adam and Eva.

The elk, cat and mouse, and hare are the  very common derogatory medieval Jewish  symbols imposed by Christians upon Jews.


durer albrecht sex elk adam and eva renaissance art, bulan khazars
The elk in the first trial impression of Adam and Eva-symbol of Bulan

Most probably the Dürers are descendants of the Khazars, the only known people to willingly convert to Judaism for political reasons. Khazaria was absorbed into the Hungarian kingdom and Dürer’s father emigrated from one of the Khazars most important cities. The elk is the symbol of the first Jewish Khazar king, Bulan and serves as the Hungarian signifier.


The cat and mouse and hare, who has turned it’s backside to us in contempt, represent a famous medieval quote from Everhard, a Jew forced into conversion in the 13th century, who became a monk and refused the Christian sacraments at death.  He was said to have uttered these words: “yet as ever as this dog will cease chasing after the hare, and the cat after the mouse, so little will the Jew ever become a true Christian.”  Thus Albrecht and Margret declare their true religion to the world, the fact that they are hidden crypto-Jews, trying to survive the Inquisition.


The marriage coat of arms of Barbara and Albrecht the Elder with each significant part indicated
The marriage coat of arms of Barbara and Albrecht the Elder with each significant part indicated

The chamois in the upper right corner on Eva’s side is the same chamois from Barbara Dürer’s arms, as Jews lineage descends matrilinerally.  The bull represents Taurus, and we have no information as to who the bull represents other than possibly Margret’s illegitimate daughter, who was born in May, a Taurus. This interpretation is cohesive and straightforward, a methodology that makes sense for a customer base that was semi-literate. And it’s one of the greatest scandals in Nuremberg. And so we see how clearly the Dürer Cipher works using exquisite marketing.



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