Copyright Dr. Elizabeth Garner and Kathy Lawler June 11, 2014

This ship is located  180 degrees up from the nails that are located on the ground in front of the Melencolia. It is “traveling” in the same direction as the other ships we’ve found so far and is on the right side of the print hidden in Melencolia’s dress, which is indicating the past.

Once again it is a carrack such as we’ve seen before

The Portugeuse carrack of the 1500’s and 1600’s

The red arrow is pointing to the front hull with the distinctive side covering only partially displayed.

The yellow arrow is pointing to the bottom of the ship.

How many more ships will we find?

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6 thoughts on “The SHIPS of MELENCOLIA-Part 4

    1. From my illustrious co author on this article, who deserves almost all the credit for findings the Ship of Melencolia, has total eagle eyes, and is one of the most fabulous people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, her incredible talents are legion. She always amazes me and often surpasses me in her in depth talents and capBilities is seeing what these two fiendish artists have encoded and her generosity in helping crack the Durer Cipher is never ending.

      If SHE says I didn’t quite get the yellow box perfect, she’s always correct and I defer to her response here.

      Thx for getting it straight for everyone!


    1. DEAR DONN,

      All Academia is extremely extremely angry at me proving the truth. They have been part of the >500+ coverups of what the Durers were doing. I’m not the only researcher that has found the coding in the Durer artworks, some very distinguished professors were on the track also, we have been in contact and become friends and they have been seriously attacked. When academia which is part of the entire art structure to make up stuff so that their money streams are not impacted, they do anything possible to keep their hundreds of billions of $ money stream going. Recently an entire scam was perpetrated on me because some idiot female academic had published a whole book on Melencolia, which is probably one of the worst books I’ve ever seen come off a University press, there’s one chapter on Melencolia and the it goes into herbalism and other nonsense. But every time these academics do this basically every library at every university HAS to purchase the book. that’s a big chunk of change. Why would they want the truth exposed when they can continue to just make up doo doo? But most universities are having real problems competing for students these days because the student loan scam is so bad. If I had a choice between university and something else, I’d become a plumber, they make big $ and at least they are dealing with honest stuff. Same stuff but at least it can be used for fertilizer and grow food, these nonsensical books are good for bookworms to eat.

      Thx for asking,


  1. I am making a facsimile of the Apocalypse, but do not know what to do about a cover.
    The Apocalypse is often referred to as a ‘book’. My resources are limited, but the only examples of binding I’ve found were done many years after the printing date.
    Can you put me onto a record, or photo, of the most likely method of protecting such large, fragile and expensive sheets during shipping and ownership?

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