The original figure with the crown found in the drapery
The original figure with the crown found in the drapery

Copyright Dr. Elizabeth Garner with Kathy Lawler, June 8, 2014

There are so many new symbols and encodings that have been found recently in Melencolia, it is difficult to decide which ones to present first, so we have chosen to start with the ships since we have already revealed the fact that this composition contains compasses indicating places to which to sail.

The first ship found is actually embedded in a triple encoded symbol, the figure with eyes and a crown and a shoulder embedded in one of the whitest of melancholia’s dress drapery, which you see here

As you can see towards the right, there is a figure staring out at all of us with two eyes, wearing a crown, whose right shoulder is drawn with a dark line that comes down to the hem of Melencolia’s dress.

What astonished us was to find that this figure was actually a triple encoded symbol and we found the first sailing ship that is embedded in this composition.  It is the largest of the sailing ships found to date.

The first sailing ship found in Melencolia
The first sailing ship found in Melencolia

This ship is a carrack. Carracks were ocean-going ships: large enough to be stable in heavy seas, and roomy enough to carry provisions for long voyages. They were the ships in which the Portuguese and the Spanish explored the world in the 15th and 16th centuries, the exact times that Duerer and his sister would have known these ships. In Portuguese this type was called a nau, while in Spanish it is called a carraca or nao. In French it was called a caraque or nef. Columbus sailed in a carrack.

The red oval circle outlines the hull of the ship.

A typical carrack

The blue rectangle outlines the rectangular upper part of the ship that typically surrounded the hull, pointed to by the yellow arrow

The two orange arrows are outlining the forward mast where the green arrow is pointing to the flag flying on this mast.

The yellow box outlines a large figure that is sitting in the ship.

Since we have learned from the Duerer Cipher that compositions which are basically separated in half, please see my article on the Eustachium where this is clearly indicated, in this case  the putto sitting on the millstone dissects the composition and thus  two stories are being told.  Since this ship is embedded on the right side of the composition, we know this ship is sailing towards the “past.” Based upon the compasses already found and reported, this ship is sailing towards Eastern Europe.

How many more ships will we find in Melencolia?

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