The Dürer Mystery: New Revelations on Amazon-Be Afraid

The Dürer Mystery: New Revelations Paperback – September 9, 2015

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8 thoughts on “The Dürer Mystery: New Revelations on Amazon-Be Afraid

  1. Well, hot snakes!
    Please send me one copy of “The Dürer Mystery”.
    Can you tell me about the manner of binding used on The Apocalypse?

    1. No I can not sen you the book, it’s for sale, you can buy on Amazon, but I would say WAIT! I’m significantly revising this book and will republish it with better an more significant information soon

  2. Can I please know on what the engraving Melencolia I of durer was made? it is really important and I can’t find a clear information.

      1. Elizabeth…thanks for your blog. Hope you are still posting. (seems last posts were in 2015??) I really enjoy your work.

        Found the blog…after I chanced upon a re-strike of Durer’s “Large Horse..” Have had a great (but tiring..) adventure…trying to figure out who did the re-strike (1906?? 1935?)…and who has the plate…

        Anyhoo…as I follow-up discovery of your blog…was worth it all !!!

        Pat Lueck – Minnesota..

        1. Thx Pat for the accolades. you are correct I haven’t been posting because I’m getting stolen by everyone, including Getty and I’m now an official question on the Advanced Placement final put out by Pearswon. did they contact me? NO. did they pay me? No.

          . so I’m in a rethink about publishing the vast more clues I’ve found about new images and updates on the old ones. Buy a book, it would help lol!. I’m thinking of publishing more books instead of giving all this information away for free. Check back I have three drafts for books in the hopper. At least no one can steal me that way.

          I have a catalog raisonnee that lists who owns all the existing woodblocks, for example the British Museum owns the Small Passion minus the frontispiece, they have regular restruck images for sale, earliest was 1885.

          The horses are engravings, metal plates. They are flung among collectors. many may have been melted down. We know that the last control traceable of the metal plates was in 1564, when Heinrich Alnpeck bought out the entire remaining Durer workshop from the last remaining heir, Alnpeck was related to the last remaining heir, Ursula Hirnhoffemr, the widow of Endres Durer, no Durer heirs, just her children from a different marriage.

          Restrikes off the metal plates surface occasionally, they aren’t worth much, a couple hundred $ maybe.

          The Durer Mystery is about to be republished, rewritten, more accurate, scarier. Look for that

          All the best,


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