Discovering the Dürer Cipher: Hidden Secrets in Der Reuter and 1498 Promenede

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Names and titles given to artworks are crucial clues in understanding the intent of any artist. We only know thirteen of Dürer’s original print titles (of 335 graphic images). In most cases, these original titles were ignored, embellished and changed through the centuries. I realized it is imperative to rigorously adhere to Dürer’s titles.

Der Reuter which is improperly called as Knight, Death and the Devil
Der Reuter (German: The Rider) improperly called Knight, Death, and the Devil

For example, the image currently called Knight, Death and the Devil was titled by Dürer as Der Reuter, The Rider, and should have not been changed. By sticking to the thesis that the real meaning of this print must be about a singular rider, who I needed to identify, I discovered that the key clue in this print is the hourglass and what that hourglass represents.

Close up of the Der Reuter
Closeup of the major clue in Der Reuter, the hourglass showing a five on its dial

For the print Dürer titled Adam and Eva, intentionly and consistently called The Fall of Man by others, I discovered that it must be interpreted about an “Adam,” the “first” man of Genesis, and an “Eva,” the “second” woman of Genesis, (Lilith having been the first woman). The composition is heavily encoded with messages.

Adam and Eva tablet inscription in the neckline code
The hidden word Noricas in the 1498 Promenade neckline compared with the word Noricus on the tablet. The inscription can only be decoded based on the meaning of Noricas in the neckline code

Utilizing this concept, I discovered that the inscription on the tablet hanging off the branch by Adam, translated as “Albrecht Dürer  of Nuremberg made this print,” says something totally different. Until my discovery of the Noricas neckline code and the  relationship between the hidden word “Noricas” and the word “Noricus” on the tablet, the true meaning of this inscription could not have been unraveled.

The same challenge existed for this image.


Once I realized that Dürer’s original title for this print was not NemesIS (Latin/Greek), but NemesIN (German), a crucial oversight, and thus is not an allegorical message about Fortune or Fate, I began searching for overlooked clues. I discovered that the winged woman was wearing rings on her fingers, the key clue to the meaning of this print, as you see here:

A close up look at Nemesin
Close up of the rings on Nemesin’s fingers. There is a thumb ring and a ring on her index finger

Finally I will show you an example of encoding hidden in plain sight in the Apocalypse, which hurtled Dürer to fame.


The Seven Trumpets of Albrecht Durer
The eagle that is not an eagle hidden in plain sight-it’s a goshawk, the Hungarian Turul. Notice also the strange codes in the hair of the deity

This image is called the Seven Trumpets of the Apocalypse (the Book of Revelations of the New Testament).  I reveal two examples of encoding although there are many more in this print. The story line of this chapter of the Book of Revelations calls for an eagle to be swooping upwards in the sky crying Woe, Woe, Woe.  Dürer ’s bird swoops down.  And it is not an eagle.  The bird depicted has a forked tail; no eagle has a forked tail.  This bird is in fact a kite, also known as a goshawk, and the goshawk was the Turul of Hungarian mythology.  Dürer  is giving a Hungarian message to us once again and hiding it in plain sight. And in the hair of the deity in the upper middle of the print, on the viewer’s left, are the symbols of “I5” or “IS” or “J5” or “JS.”

In my next articles I will explore that one must understand Dürer as a businessman in order to understand his art.  And the discovery that some prints are interrelated, which meant that  later compositions could only be understood when the earlier ones were decoded.  To be continued!


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4 thoughts on “Discovering the Dürer Cipher: Hidden Secrets in Der Reuter and 1498 Promenede

  1. Very interesting. My historian friend says Durer was also a secret envoy and spy, as were many artesans for the royal courts. She strongly attests that DaVinci was also a secret agent or spy, thus the many ‘silent’ and missing years of his life. Do you agree with this for Albert Durer?

    1. Dear Derrilynnee,

      What is the definition of an envoy or spy? The Elector Friedrich, Duke of Saxony was Durer’s patron. The access Durer had to powerful political people was extensive.

      Is there actual spy messages in the artwork? I have not found any but new secrets get seen by others regularly and I do know I have not found all of them so I would not preclude the ideas.

      I’m not a scholar of DaVinci so I can’t speak to his life.

      1. Thanks very much for your reply. Like Durer, DaVinci also had extensive access to powerful political people, even Popes and Cardinals.

        No, my histoian friend does not claim that there are spy messages in the paintings of Da Vinci and his circle of artists. Not so to say. But, she does assert that the paintings within the circle of Da Vinci’s students and contemporaries contain many messages of their personal lives and challenges, likewise they also disclose visually and tactfully things that could not be said publicly without great risk of consequences.

        For example, the painting “Virgin of the Rocks” Scholars and art historian for centuries are puzzled to understand why the Virgin is placed in a cave overlooking the sea. There are no biblical sources for which to base this. She is seen with the infant John the Baptist and the infant Christ. There is also the angel, perhaps Gabriel.

        Mrs. Vogt-Luerssen says this painting beautifully and loving tells the story of escape and refuge of Isabella of Aragon, Duchess of Milan and Bari, the daughter of King Alfonso II of Naples. The royal house of Aragon was forced to flee into exile to the island of Ischia after the French invaded. Isabella is seen here with two of her children, Francesco and Antonio, depicted as Christ and John the Baptist and another older child that died in youth, Leonardo loving immortalized in great honor this part of her life. She is seen and honored as the Virgin Mary. According to Mrs. Luerssen only persons of royalty had the right to be “lend” their faces to Saints & Diety in Renaissance times. She asserts that you have to know the customs & traditions behind the paintings and you much understand the use of symbolism, emblems, and the colors of the high dynasties of the Renaissance and Middle Ages.

        The same is true of the painting so-called “An Allogry of Lust” – The true meaning is completely different than what is thought.

        “Flight Out of Egypt” is another painting that cleverly depicts the exile of the Argonese after the overthrow of the French in 1499. Giving comfort to this part of their life’s trials a being parallel to the biblical story.

        Do you find this to also be true for Durer, or were his messages more spiritual?

        1. Oh I agree who,e heatedly that da Vinci was encoding, he was also using medieval deaf sign language too. You definitely want o read The Sistine Secrets, forbidden messages in the heart of the Vatican by Blech and Doliner. Fabulous book. Speaks to this encoding.

          I just wanted to know why she quotes somehow that da Vinci and Durer were known friends. I don’t have data that hints they met or maintained a friendship as we solidly do with Raphael.

          Durer’s messages are anything but spiritual! He was the Larry Flynt of his day. There is so much overt and subliminal sexual imagery embedded and microe graved. Durer is the master of optics, deception, and brain manipulation. When he want to increase his target markets or really wanted a print to sell, he used sexual images that were al out impossible to not buy, especially for his messages about his family. Been sitti g there in plain sight for 520 years

          People don’t realize they are attracted to his art because of all the sex.

          Check out any of my articles with “Sex…” In the title.

          And he was one angry guy getting revenge. The absolute,ute master of deception, pulling off the greatest art hoaxes ever.
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