Claims by the heirs of Paul von Mendelssohn Bartholdy, a Jewish banker and art collector who was the target of Nazi persecution before he died in 1935, Julius Schoeps, Edelgard von Lavergne-Peguilhen, and Florence Kesselstattare all being litigated in German courts.  The Bavarian State Paintings Collections  (the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlung), which is in the news again for possible claims, but this time from heirs of quite a different sort.

Focus magazine (which broke the Gurlitt story) reported a new lawsuit from Eva Braun’s heirs.Hitler’s longtime companion and wife in the last weeks of his life before they committed suicide together.  Braun, like many other top Nazis, had her estate confiscated as part of de-Nazification.  But many objects and paintings ended up in Allied hands after the war, which were eventually turned over the Bavaria apparently to administer thereafter.

A distant relative of Braun has now made claims to this property,which includes a Fritz Bamberger Mountain Landscape on the Spanish Coast.

Each of these cases highlights the labor intensive nature of the enterprise: Provenance Director Andrea Bambi estimated that it would take six months to a year to determine the provenance of each object.


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