Monaco Shutting Down Napolean Museum and Selling ALL-DISTANT RELATIVES

napolean museum monaco princess grace
Napolean museum


Monaco is set to lose its Napoleon Museum. The Prince’s Palace of Monaco, in which the museum is located, will sell its entire collection at auction this coming November.

The collection amounts to nearly 1,000 pieces collected in large part by prince Louis II of Monaco. They include various forms of memorabilia, manuscripts, weapons, garments, paintings, and sculptures.

Needless to say, some pundits aren’t pleased: “I regret that the contents of the museum are being dispersed,” Remembering Napoleon Society head Jean Etevenaux said “I suppose French museums will attempt to acquire some pieces, but will they have the means?”

Napoleon was a distant relative to the royal family of Monaco through his Florentine connection. The auction will take place from November 15-16 in Fontainebleau, outside of Paris and is being overseen by French auction house, Osenat.

It is unclear what new purpose the rooms within the palace that currently hold the museum will be put to after the collection departs.
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