Melenocolia-Secrets of the Magic Square-The 1

durer melancholia magic square sex renaissance
The Melencolia Magic Square-the 1

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durer melancholia magic square sex art renaissance
The Secrets of the Magic Sqaure numeral 1


Our initial  hypothesis was that many of the magic square panes, except for the obvious 9 pane, the 5 pane (which happens to be the symbols Margret used to refer to herself or her love, Hieronymous Munzer, Jerome, the Jerome that keeps getting skewed by Albrecht in all compositions about Jerome.


This numeral is located at the very right hand bottom of the magic square

durer albrecht melancholia magic square art pirates steganography margret durer suduko talismens
The full magic square depicted in Melencholia.


The 1 is we’re the audiences were supposed to start reading, from right to left, and starting over again in the next row from right to left


It is surprising to see how much encoding was done with this single numeral that is also covered up by the hair and wreath of the Melencolia figure. That’s suspicious to fem the beginning

1. The orange arrow in the lower left of the corner points to a coffin

2. The light pink arrow is also pointing to a coffin and actually, these two arrows could be overlapping the fact that there maybe be four coffins depicted in this corner

3. The light green/lime arrow in the upper left corner is once again pointing to a nautical cotter or lynchpin with the same strange end on it it we’ve seen before

4. The orange circle and the orange arrow is pointing a large coffin symbol but there are more symbols that have been been overlaid on this coffin.

5. The green arrow is painting to a number of encode messages we’ve seen before. WE can see the mystical sign of 4 merchant mark  on this coffin, we can see the “H” symbol we’ve been finding in other numbers and that we can find in the 14947 4 witches print

durer albrecht witches melencolia merchant marks mysteical sign of 4
Curently known a stye 4 witches, it’s not about witches, it’s about family members, an autobiographical even story. You can see the mystical sign of 4 merchant mark in the date on the hungarian tribute ball

6. The Red arrow under the numeral 1 is pointing to some sort of inscription.  What we can make out are the following letters from right to left are the following and it it really becomes some of a joke why is here.  The letters backwards spell D, I-with an “A” Durer monogram connected with it , V A D,or if we spell it left to Right we have the name of King David with the Durer monogram included.  Perhaps not only is Durer giving messages to target audiences, Durer wants to be remembered as somehow connected with the line of King David of the Hebrew bible.

7. the blue arrow is either pointing once again to the sea slug, with a curled tail and there’s a Jewish star sitting directly under under he lintel of this 1 and causing it to sit on the on curled up sea slug.

8. The purple arrow is pointing once again to the repeated clue we found in the magic square pane 7 where the orange arrow points

durer sex melancholia magic square
Secrets of the Magic Square-the 7

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