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In Part 1, we saw  the famous Melencolia sundial:

Melencolia sundial secrets and conspiracies
The famous sundial of Melencolia

And we discovered that this sundial is NOT A SUNDIAL but a scroll, with the pointer, known as the gnonom NOT throwing a shadow, so we really don’t know what this object really is supposed to be and what the function of the pointer really is.


Melencolia sundials time conspiracies secrets
The scroll fooling us that it is a sundial


There is much that is encoded in this fake sundial scroll, which you can see here:

1.  The peach colored arrow is pointing to the Roman numeral 9 which was had been commonly written in EARLY Durer years (1486-1500) as XIIII instead of  IX, as we would expect to see.

2. The two medium pink arrows pointing to the “IIII” of the 9 on the left side and the 4 (IIII) on the right side.  They are encoded with dots below the four individual “I’s) of the number.  Durer used the same trick in 1511 in a number of 1511 prints, one of which you see here:

Melencolia Durer Albrecht sex secrets Salome John the Baptist conspiracies
The 1510-1511Salome presenting the head of John the Baptist to Herod print, dated 1511. It’s twin print, the Beheading of John the Baptist is dated 1510

Notice that Duerer encodes the date of 1511 by placing “dots” of a slightly different form above the symbols that supposedly represent the numerals of one (1).   This is another of Durer’s highly encoded compositions. So we know Duerer is once again giving an encoded message with these IIII numerals.

3. The green arrow at the bottom pointing to the pointer/gnonom is not casting a shadow on anything

4.  The red arrow is pointing to the numeral 3, which is NOT a numeral 3, it’s encoded with other information

5. The purple arrow is pointing to an encoded message above the Roman numeral 9 , XIIII.

6. The orange arrow is pointing to what looks like the Roman numeral 5, V, but it may be something other than a five

7. The peach arrow is also point to the Roma numeral V of the 9, VIIII, another encoded message

8.The blue arrow is pointing to a vertical “plank” that is next to the object that “suspends’ the pointer/gnonom, on the left of the suspension object

9.The yellow arrow points to a sheet, similar to what Duerer uses in other prints upon which to place his monogram, that has an inscription or a signature on it, which appears to start with the letter jJ


Melencolia sundial Nuremberg secrets conspiracy Durer Albrecht
The scroll sundial at the Schürstabhaus, Sebalder Platz, Nuremberg (Nürnberg)

This sundial is another famous “wall” sundial located in Nuremberg.    Notice that there are only NINE numbers on the is sundial and there is no indication that we should expect any more numbers on this scroll. Also the numbers placed on this scroll sundial totally conflict with those that Duerer selected.


More to come.


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  1. In my opinion the as called sundial-scroll in Durers Melencolia § I copper plate is a medieval prayer-horologion and indicates not the hour but the time in which you can pray the Matutin-Prim-Terz-Sext-Non-Vesper- and Complet, and I suppose, that at Nuremberg-Schürstabhaus-scroll there are only eight characters too. – with kindest regards Dr. Ernst Theodor Mayer, Munich

    1. Dear Dr Mayer,

      It’s an honor to hear from you again. Glad to hear you are well.

      We have already investigated this theory with top world academics out of the UK,one of which had postulated this theory. It didn’t hold water so to speak when we had to synthesize the more than 500 clues and encodings that exist in Melencolia. This would have been a really easy and nicely simple solution to the meaning of the sundial but the Duerers were much more cunning than something as simple as this. They are NOT telling “time” at all, but they are giving messages and directions.

      I hope to see you back again here.

      Hppy New year and all the best,


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