Melencolia-The Secrets of the Sundial-Part 3

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In Part 2 of the Melencolia-The Secrets of the Sundial we found these amazing discoveries and encodings:

Melencolia sundials time conspiracies secrets
The scroll fooling us that it is a sundial


1.  The peach colored arrow is pointing to the Roman numeral 9 which was had been commonly written in EARLY Durer years (1486-1500) as XIIII instead of  IX, as we would expect to see.

2. The two medium pink arrows pointing to the “IIII” of the 9 on the left side and the 4 (IIII) on the right side.  They are encoded with dots below the four individual “I’s) of the number.  Durer used the same trick in 1511 in a number of 1511 prints, one of which you see here:

Melencolia Durer Albrecht sex secrets Salome John the Baptist conspiracies
The 1510-1511Salome presenting the head of John the Baptist to Herod print, dated 1511. It’s twin print, the Beheading of John the Baptist is dated 1510

Notice that Duerer encodes the date of 1511 by placing “dots” of a slightly different form above the symbols that supposedly represent the numerals of one (1).   This is another of Durer’s highly encoded compositions. So we know Duerer is once again giving an encoded message with these IIII numerals.

3. The green arrow at the bottom pointing to the pointer/gnonom is not casting a shadow on anything

4.  The red arrow is pointing to the numeral 3, which is NOT a numeral 3, it’s encoded with other information

5. The purple arrow is pointing to an encoded message above the Roman numeral 9 , XIIII.

6. The orange arrow is pointing to what looks like the Roman numeral 5, V, but it may be something other than a five

7. The peach arrow is also point to the Roma numeral V of the 9, VIIII, another encoded message

8.The blue arrow is pointing to a vertical “plank” that is next to the object that “suspends’ the pointer/gnonom, on the left of the suspension object

9.The yellow arrow points to a sheet, similar to what Duerer uses is in other prints, on which to place his monogram, with an inscription or signature, that appears to start with the letter “J.”



1.  The Roman numeral “V” of the the 9 depicted as XIIII, is actually the “A” of Duerer’s monogram on it’s side (peach arrow)

2. We can only be sure that 8  numerals are showing, although the symbol on the right edge may or not be a ninth numeral or some other encoding.  It does NOT MATCH what Duerer describes in his Manual of Measurement on how to construct a sundial, which should have 12 numerals

3.  The Roman numeral of “3” is not a Roman numeral at all.  If you look closely at the symbol that is there, it is actually a Hebrew encoding of the word “Hashem” which is a commonly used  Hebrew name for God.  Thus the Duerers are giving us a Jewish message at least, and could be giving us more information.  The same Hebrew “Hashem” encoding was used in the painting known as Christ Among the Doctors; look closely at the letters in the open book:

Durer Albrecht melancholia secrets sex Nuremberg Christ art Renaissance paintings
The Christ Among the Doctors painting. Notice the Hebrew letters in the book held by the man in the upper left with the Black hat. It is the opposite of what is depicted in the sundial

4.  A scroll is something that is rolled up for storage or safe keeping.  The Hebrew Bible, known as the Torah, is a rolled scroll, indicating another Jewish message

5.  The pointer/gnomon which is supposed to indicate the time being depicted looks more like a scythe, what Death normally holds.  It overshoots the  fake sundial scroll over the Hashem “3,” indicating that the “3” is the most important number in this scroll; it also indicates that this is a fake sundial and we can never tell “what time this is” from this fake sundial.  Is it afternoon or towards sunrise? as we discussed in Part 1.  However, there is another way to determine what time this may be indicating.

6.  The four “IIII’s” of the numbers 9 (XIIII and IIII), as indicated by the by the pink arrows, probably refer to the same message, and has a high probability of correlating with the the revelations of the “Boat series” in process of publication here on this website.



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