Melencolia-Secrets of the Magic Square-The 13

durer melencolia
The Magic square number 13

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durer melenoclia magic square
The Secrets in the Magic Square 13


Once again we have repetitive encodings in this pane that were encoded in other numbers of the magic square panes.  It is baffling that the Durers would be wasting so much messaging space giving the viewer the same messages over and over.  We have to start wondering why this was done? Although we do  find some new encoded symbols and so is this thesis actually true? Was there repetition or were they truly different messages for different audiences?


1. The pale peach arrow points to the right edge of the numeral 3 and is indicating that top part of this 3 is 3-dimensional, thus helping to reveal another encoded symbol on the edge of that 3, which looks like a bat.  We have seen the bat in many different prints, including the large bat flying on the left side of Melencolia holding the cartouche by it’s claws.  A bat symbol would indicate that this message was for Iberians.

durer albrecht melancholia magic square renaissance art prints depression
Melencolia bat with inscription in the cartouche. Notice bats don’s have tails like this


2. The orange arrow pointing to the top of the 3 is indicating another sea going ship that has a large mast and unidentifiable mascot that look likes huge dragon on the sail with two people in this boat that is sailing.

3. and 4. The turquoise  arrow is pointing to another cotter or lynchpin that is embedded right on top of another bat below it, as pointed to the red arrow, +so once again we get the fact that this magic square clue is directed to Iberians who will recognize these symbols. It also points to another cotter or lynchpin

5. The yellow arrow is pointing to once again, another bat, indicating again this message is targeted to Iberians, as we have founding so many other Durer encoded prints.  The consistent repetition of bats means that whatever this 13 magic square pane is disclosing is of critical and life saving value to Iberians.

6. The dark blue arrow appears to be pointing to a woman holding a baby in a box.  The blue arrow points a rather large face of a woman (because she has a bun) that is encased in a coffin. The ship with the large mat is directly touching her. Are they about to be buried?

7. The line green arrow is pointing to the sea slug  with the sloop at the end of it’s mouth and its sitting next to the “H” symbol we’ve seen before

8. The medium orange arrow points again to why could be a core or lynchpin, a sea slug with a loop at its end, a ship with two masts and a Jewish star right at the end of the 3.

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