Melencolia-Secrets of the Magic Square-The 3-NEW UPDATE on encoded symbols


Melencolia magic square Durer albrecht sea
The “3” pane of the magic square

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Previously we published the following information below about what was in the 3 pane of the magic square but we have had some exciting new discoveries in this pane and around the number 3

The magic square in Melencolia fascinates everyone and we have already this magic square begin to yield its secrets.  Now we will turn to each pane of the magic square and see what secrets might be hidden there:


What you see above is the “3” pane next to the upper left hand corner “16” pane of the magic square.  It looks like there is nothing remarkable in this pane once again.  And that’s where the genius of the Duerers once again becomes displayed.  Lets take a closer look at what is really in this pane:

melancholia magic square durer albrecht renaissance sea
The “3” pane of the magic square reveals its secrets


Much is hidden in this pane as we can see from the many number of arrows that point to the enciphering that is nautical in meaning, in keeping with what else we have found that refers to the sea, sailors, and nautical themes. Notice how this numeral is constructed in two parts rather than as a smooth continuous line in making the numeral. Duerer was an expert in making numbers and letters, he wrote a manual in 1525 on how to do this.

The following are pointed to by the arrows:

1. The yellow arrow points to something that looks like a “B” attached to the right side of the numeral 3

2. The  red arrow points something attached to the left side of the pane which appears to be a sea slug or eel, continuing the nautical and sea themes with this print

3.  The green arrow points to two more coffins, which we’ve found hidden around this print

4. The peach arrow points to an object attached to the left side of the pane, unidentified at the moment

5. The purple arrow is pointing to a face of some sort, which has a tubular snout

6. The turquoise arrow is pointing to something something that is sitting on top of the two separate parts of how the 3 is constructed.  It looks like some sort of insect. But this top part of the 3 is actually an eel or sea slug on which the insect sits, continuing the nautical and sea themes within the print


Here is a new annotated image with the new findings and the changes to was published before:

durer albrecht melencolia Magic square dauphin ing of France
New discoveries in the Magic square 3 pane


It may be a bit difficult to see the new arrows added but the following new arrows have been aded:

1. At the mid top of the pane are three dark maroon arrows which are pointing to three Jewish stars

2. At the bottom of the 3 tip are two new mid purple arrows, one of which is also touching the green arrow. These are pointing to ladders near the coffins.  This is very important for ladders were associated with Jewish coffins in medieval times

3. The yellow arrow is not pointing to a B but to an M turned sideways

4. The pale blue arrow pointing to the mid part of the creation of the 3 numeral is pointing to a boat with a figure in it.

5. And sometimes we make mistakes. The reader has to remember that all of this encoding, which now numbers in the hundreds, is all being done in a print that is only approximately 9 x 7 inches-that’s SMALL for this amount of encoding and this 3 pane is teensy.  I had originally identified the RED arrow as pointing to what looks like an TWO sea slugs or eels.  WHAT is exciting is that they can now be certainly identified as eels and one has as crown on  on it’s head.

This is monumental for it when the entire incredibly complicated encoding of all of Melencolia is revealed, an eel with a crown on it would definitely be expected to have sen included somewhere in this composition.  and now we have found it!

For those who would like to get a head start on understanding this crowned eel symbol and why it might be in encoded here, please search the Durer Secrets and Conspiracy archives (click on that tab on the top and then go to the archives list by month at the lower right of the page).  Look for ANY article that has to do with Der Reuter, meaning the “sole Rider” and forever wrongly titled KNIGHT, DEATH, AND THE DEVIL!

The crowned eel person was intimately connected with something that occurred in 1514, which is why Melencolia IS Published in 1514!

More to come!

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