Melencolia-Secrets of the Magic Square-the 8

durer melencolia sex magic square renaissance
Melencolia Magic Square-the 8

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durer melancholia magic square sex renaissance
Melencolia Magic Square 8 secrets


Once again we have repetitive encodings in this pane that were encoded in other numbers of the magic square panes.  It is baffling that the Duerers would be waiting so much messaging space giving the viewer the same messages over and over.  We have to start wondering why this was done?



1. The peach arrow points to what is the most baffling repeated symbol that we already saw in the magic square 6 as indicated by the light yellow arrow in the magic square 6 pane, which you see below

durer sex melancholia magic square
Melencoilia Secrets of the Magic Square-the numeral 6

This is the sea slug again, with a loop at the end of the head, only this time the sea slug also has another cipher  symbol of the backwards B and the “4” merchant mark symbol adobe that that we find in the Adam and Eva print AND the “5′ or “S” upside down that we’ve seen in the Apocalypse 7 Trumpets hidden in the hair of the “Lord” figure

durer albrecht apocalypse trumpets secrets
Closeups of the two clues hidden in plain sight

We also have a very strange clue in the hair of God in the upper center of the print.  Cleverly hidden in the hair but to the side is an “I5” or an “IJ” or a “J5” or a “JS” yet to be deciphered as to its meaning.  Here’s your chance to make a mark in art history: decode what the symbols in the hair of God means.

2. The light orange arrow is pointing once again to a sea slug with a figure in a canoe on top of it

3. The pink arrow points to another coffin or lynchpin

4. The green arrow points a long tailed fox, which also appears in the 1514 St Jerome in the study print

durer albrecht St Jerome fox secrets
The fox in the 1514 St. Jerome in the Study print

5. The blue arrow is pointing to another coffin

6. The red arrow is pointing to some unknown 3-D symbol.  Now is the time to try your hand at Durer Sluething!


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