Melencolia-Secrets of the Magic Square-The 7

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The Melenocolia Magic Square-the 7

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durer sex melancholia magic square
Secrets of the Magic Square-the 7


Once again we are getting repetitive messages from the Duerers as they have appeared in other magic square panesd.  Why are the Duerers wasting so much space giving the same messages and using up such precious messaging space?

However, this is the first time that we see figures in canoes or a horned goat. We have seen the horned goat in other compositions, such as Adam and Eva.  This horned goat would be the ibex, the heraldric coat of arms or the Duerer’s mother, Barbara, as seen on the back of Albrecht’s painting of his father in 1490.

durer albrecht heraldry portraits paintings ibex slovenia
1490 Duerer marriage coat of arms of his mother and father

And this magic square pane is the least encoded pane with the least amount of differentiation of the encoded symbols


The following are pointed to by the arrows or circles:

1. The yellow arrow points to a coffin with a Jewish star on it

2. The  red arrow points to  a Jewish star in front of why appears to be a horned goat

3. The blue arrow points to another coffin

4. The orange arrow points to what appears to be a wand or long tube with a face on the tip of it and another Jewish star on top of that

5.  The pink arrow points to a man in a canoe

6. The two green arrows point to another coffin with a Jewish star on it and another figure in a canoe

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