Melencolia-The Secrets of the Magic Square-The 6

durer melancholia magic square sex renaissance
Melencolia magic Square-the 6

Copyright Dr. Elizabeth Garner, September 2, 2014, All Rights Reserved

durer sex melancholia magic square
Melencoilia Secrets of the Magic Square-the numeral 6



Once again we are getting repetitive messages from the Duerers as they have appeared in other magic square panes.  Why are the Duerers wasting so much space giving the same messages and using up such precious messaging space? This makes very little sense.


The following are pointed to by the arrows or circles:

1. The yellow arrow  is pointing to some what appears to be another sea slug with a Jewish star at the head with a loop of some sort then attached

2. The  dark orange arrow points to another coffin or a figure in a boat again

3. The blue arrow points to another coffin and has an”H” next to it on the left side of the coffin

4. The orange circle has a coffin standing upright in it and a boat on top of that with a figure in it sand what looks like two oars

5. The dark yellow arrow in the upper left of the pane points to another cotter or lynchpin with either an 8 or a 3 at the end of it

6. The medium orange arrow points to another coffin which has a head displayed in it and some sort of Hebrew letter

7. The pink arrow points to what appears to be a conical turreted building of some sort


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