Melencolia-Secrets of the Magic Square-the 4

durer Melencolia magic square
The 4 in the Magic Square

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In our continuing series to reveal the secrets of the Magic Square in Melencolia, today, we turn to the secrets hidden in the $4 pane

durer albrecht melancholia  magic square merchant marks
The secrets of the magic Square 4 pane


Once again we are getting repetitive messages from the Durers as they have appeared in other magic square panes.  Why are the Duerers wasting so much space giving the same messages and using up such precious messaging space? This makes very little sense, as we have discussed before.

This 4 is very special, it is a merchant mark used often in Nuremberg during the period, to indicate that viewers should pay particular attention to the messages encoded in this 4 pane. It has appeared previously in the 1504 Adam and Eva print on the cleverly encoded tablet hanging off of the tree

durer albrecht adam and eve melencolia
The secrets of the tablet on Adam and Eva including the mystical sign of 4 merchant mark




The following are pointed to by the arrows or circles:

1. The yellow arrow  is pointing to some very detailed messaging of encoded numbers and symbols which only those who were  supposed to understand the message would understand, more than likely the Iberians

2. The  purple arrow is pointing to a lion again, the sign of Leo, the sign of the the Jewish tribe of the Israelites, the lion that gets repeated over and over in many of the Durer artworks.  Albrecht told us this sign was very important when he painted Johannes Kleberger in 1525, port of astrological encoding can be seen highlighted in yellow, the symbol for Leo. Albrecht is indicting that Klbeger is “one of the tribe” with this encoding and what is embedded in the weird writing of three symbols on the right side of the inscription

durer albrecht renaissance paintings kloebeger conspiracies astrology sign of leo
1525 portrait of Johannes Klebeger, highly encoded, especially with this sign of Leo in astrological symbols

3. The green arrow is pointing to what appears t be a strange dog, with it’s mouth open and tongue hanging out

4. The red/orange arrow points to another set of dividers for measuring things and has more Durer coding running down the middle of these dividers

5. The blue arrow is pointing once again to a very strange instrument that has a hole at the top (to hang off a belt?) and has secret messaging encode down the middle of it

6. The lime green arrow is pointing to  a very strange symbol.  It could be the hull of another ship that we’ve seen embedded in the folds of the dress of Melencolia.   Or it’s a huge arrow pointing to the other symbols above it and to the side. There is some sort of reference to a long tube with a bottle top that we’ve seen in the magic square number 7 pane before. and there is more strange encoding to the left of this bottle, which includes another mystical sign of 4 merchant mark, other Durer cipher symbols, and once again the strange “B” that we’ve found in the magic square 8 pane

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