Melencolia-Secrets of the Magic Square-The 16

durer melencholia magic square
The 16 in the Magic Square

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Melencolia magic square durer albrecht sea seahorse
A closer look at the 16 pane in the magic square


This Magic square number is found in the upper left hand corner of the complete Magic square as you see here:

durere albrecht melenclia magic square art math amulets
The full Magic Square of the second state, when the 9 was corrected from backwards to forwards


It’s the lead in number that would catch people’s eyes and the target  audiences  that  needed to get the messages. Whyen these numbers are studied we can see that they are receded into the tower; one has to look very closely to see this phenomena.


Once again we are seeing some deceptive symbols tha the Dures have embedded in each of these magic square panes, but as we have analyzed  each, we find some consistent repetitions and then new endowed symbols that begins to make us suspect that each on of these magic square panes were potentially targeted to different audiences.  We can only speculate who these audiences were why each target audience need a different message. For what reason?


1. The red arrow on the bottom once again points to a coffin

2.  The turquoise arrow points to a very strange wrapped up dead baby that has a Jewish star over it and this baby bunting shroud  is sitting on a thick base under the numeral 1 which appears to be pointing to the right a an arrow, ending in a Jewish star.

3. The lime green arrow is pointing to a rider on horseback, with a Jewish star at the back of the horse.  We’ve seen this tiny horseback rider on the road of the print, the Eustachium, in the left hand side of the print, riding up the road to the castle on the left.  No one has yet to determine why this horseback rider was placed in the Eustachium, but if Durer is repeating this symbol encoding in such a same manner, it means that the same meaning was previously indicted in the Eustachium.

durer albrecht st eustace art prints renaisance horses knight
The Eustachium. the tiny rider on horseback can beseem on the road to the castle between the two ears of the horse up on the road near the two teas at the end of the road

4. The dark blue arrow points to sea slug gain but also appears to have two boats with figures in it sitting on top of  of the sea slug with a Jewish star in between the two boats or ships

5. The top red arrow is pointing to a seahorse curled right under the left hand side of the 1 capital

7. The light yellow arrow is point to the exact same coding found in the magic one numeral 7, indicated at the orange arrow

durer sex melancholia magic square
Secrets of the Magic Square-the 7

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