Melencolia-Secrets of the Magic Square-The 16

Melencolia magic square durer Albrecht
The 16 pane of the magic square in the upper left hand corner


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Melencolia magic square durer albrecht sea seahorse
A closer look at the 16 pane in the magic square


Most of these  panes in the magic square are Jewish  in meaning, and also in keeping with what else we have found that refers to the sea, sailors, mariners and Jewish themes. Notice how these two numerals are constructed like other numerals in the magic square. What we start to see here is a pattern of repetition of symbols and we have to ask ourselves why Duerer would use up precious message giving compositional space to be repeating the same message?


Duerer was an expert in making numbers and letters, he wrote a manual in 1525 on how to do this, so why the difference?

The following are pointed to by the arrows:

1. The yellow arrow points to a column with a face and some messaging occurring at the the mid-point of the “1”

2. The  upper red arrow points to another seashores that we’ve seen before. The lower red arrow is once again pointing to what appears to be a nautical cotter or lynchpin, as we’ve discussed before.

3.  The lime green arrows point to a Jewish 6 pointed star

4. The peach arrow above it points to some figure that is either on horseback or is doing something with a sea animal, because we see the fin of the sea animal at the right side

5. The blue arrow points to what appears to be reclining lion, on top of the sea slug again.

6. The turquoise arrow is pointing to the bottom of the “1” with a number of strange things going on.  The “1” appears to sit once again on a nautical cotter or lynchpin and another one continues in the same plane above the bottom of the “1.” There appears to be  number of strange numerical encoding at both ends of the “1.”

More to come!


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