Melencolia-Secrets of the Magic Square-the 12

durer melancholia magic square
The 13 in the Melencolia magic Square

Copyright Dr. Elizabeth Garner, September 2, 2014, All Rights Reserved

durer melancholia magic square
Secretes of the Magic Square-the number 12


Once again we are getting repetitive messages from the Duerers as they have appeared in other magic square panes.  Why are the Duerers wasting so much space giving the same messages and using up such precious messaging space?



The following are pointed to by the arrows or circles:

1. The yellow arrows  is pointing to some sort of animal attached to the right side of the numeral “1.”

2. The  red arrow points to a  an upside down boat under the “2” top part.

3. The blue arrow points to an object in the upper left hand corner that seems to be a “sun” symbol.  This could be a jewish sun symbol,an astrological Leo sun symbol, or some other esoteric nautical navigational tail.

4.. The peach circle shows theta the bottom part of of the “2” here is made to be 3-D. Is this another plank embedded?

5. The yellow circle shows us either two more nautical cotter of lynchpins, or two coffins, and what appears to be another once again, subliminal embedded penis or a Jewish circumsized penis

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