Melencolia-Secrets of the Magic Square-The 11

durer melancholia magic square
The Secrets of the 11 in the Magic Square

Copyright Dr. Elizabeth Garner, September 2, 2014, All Rights Reserved

durer sex melancholia magic square
Melencolia Magic Square-the 11



What doesn’t make a lot of sense with the secrets of the panes of the magic square are the repetitions of symbols.  Why use up such precious messaging space to encode repetitive messages?  Makes no sense.




The following are pointed to by the arrows or circles:

1. The yellow arrows points to some sort of animal embedded at the base of the second “1”

2. The  red arrow once again to what appears to be a nautical cotter  or lynchpin

3.. The blue circle once again is showing us a nautical cotter or lynchpin, which the Durers are repeating over and over again in each pane.

5. The orange arrow is pointing to an encoded letter, which appears to be a B, and has some other symbol placed at the center of the B. This B has been embedded in many of Duerer prints through their lifetimes.

6. The peach circle shows some sort of figure in yet again another boat with a big mast at front, another cotter or lynchpin and some very strange 3-D symbol with a Jewish star attached to it.


For some reason, the Duerers decided not to encode much information into this magic square pane, and that is very suspicious on it’s face.   What are we missing?  All comments welcome.

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