Melencolia-Secrets of the Magic Square-The 10

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The 10 in the Magic Square

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The magic Square 10 unmasked

We come to the last analyzed encodings in the Magic square. We have been very surprised at how much messaging was actually going in in this magic square.  Especially when everyone loved them so and more than likely, everyone would be inspecting these sixteen panes.  Most would have shook their he’d in not being able to find anything, but the target audiences would have gotten the meshes immediately.


As  we we’re analyzing al the singular encodings in the Melencolia magic Square, we first hypothesized that the Durers were using up precious messaging space to repeat messages that didn’t appear to be be repeated ,since these messages have been given before in other magic square numbers.  But as we got to what appeared to be very “empty magic square numbers, we suddenly realized that their were new symbols being used, although not often.  But these new symbols were pointing back to other cipher symbols that had been used long ago in prints usually of the 1496-1498 era.  So it does’ make us suspicious as to why Albrecht and Margret would have wanted us to circle back to these messages in 1514.

It’s likely that Albrecht was doing the encoding in the magic square because he had the mathematician expertise (not that Margret didn’t need to know these math concepts that were necessary to create great art, but Albrecht would have had much more training).


It is really surprisng to see what appeared as a very lightly encode magic pane numeral of 10 being one of the most heavily encode pane.


1. The dark pink arrow pointing the what is under the right part of the numeral 1 is pointing to a very important boat, why appears to be gondola out of Venice, which he included often in his prints, hiding a tiny gondola, so this message may be directed at the target audiences trapped in Venice or surrounding it in other Italians lands, like Venezia-Julia-Frulia.

2.The red arrow is pointing to another coffin, but this coffin seems to have either a Hebrew letter on it or the “A” Durer monogram

3.  The green arrow is pointing to another another coffin but on the top is a Hebrew star and on the coffin sideways appears what are two Hebrew letters, a Tau (T) and then a mem (an M); it would need 3 letters to be a hebrew work, so perhaps initials?

4. The blue arrow is pointing to perhaps a bat again and there’s something unidentifiable but significant at the right side of the edge of the numeral 1

5. The turquoise arrow is pointing to another cotter pin or coffin

6.The light pink arrow points a big jewish star on top of another coffin

7. The orange arrow points to two more coffins side by side

8. The dark orange arrow points to

9.  The H again we found in other prints of the 1496-1498 era

Once again, why all the coffins, but why all the extra encoding also?


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More to come.

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