Melencolia-More Magic Square Secrets

Melencolia magic square durer Albrecht
The 16 pane of the magic square in the upper left hand corner

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The magic square in Melencolia fascinates everyone and we have already this magic square begin to yield its secrets.  Now we will turn to each pane of the magic square and see what secrets might be hidden there:


What you see above is the first upper left hand corner “16” pane of the magic square.  It looks like there is nothing remarkable in this pane.  And that’s where the genius of the Duerers once again becomes displayed.  Lets take a closer look at what is really in this pane:

Melencolia magic square durer albrecht sea seahorse
A closer look at the 16 pane in the magic square


Much is hidden in this pane as we can see from the many number of arrows that point to the enciphering that is nautical in meaning, in keeping with what else we have found that refers to the sea, sailors, and nautical themes.

The following are pointed to by the arrows:

1. The yellow arrow points to a face that is found in the top part of the numeral 1

2. The two red arrows point to two seahorses

3.  The lime arrow points to a third seahorse with something on top of it’s head

4. The peach arrow points to a Jewish star that sits on top of the third seahorse, continuing the theme of Jewish objects connected to nautical themes

5. The blue arrow is pointing to the numeral 6 of the “16” which is actually a sea slug or a sea eel

6. The turquoise arrow is pointing to something still unidentified at the bottom of the numeral 1 but which could be either a swaddled child, or a wrapped shroud

More to come!


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