Melencolia-In Honor of Halloween

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In order to celebrate Halloween and some of the weirdest things in the magic square of Melencholia and all of Durer’s amazing encodings, for those of you have might have missed any of the articles on the weird encodings in the magic square, I am consolidating all the annotated images of of each of the magic square panes so you can se them all together and compare why you see.

“Witches” would love to see you achieve this.

So this article  combines all the annotated images of the numbers in the magic square of Melencholia so that all former hypotheses, including Dan Brown’s fictional use of the magic square in one of his books, will be laid to rest, which is fitting for Halloween.

Here’s goes:

durer melancholia magic square sex art renaissance
The Secrets of the Magic Sqaure numeral 1
Melencolia magic square surer albrecht monkey jews sea nautical sailors mariners
What is really in the “2” pane of the magic square
melancholia magic square durer albrecht renaissance sea
The “3” pane of the magic square reveals its secrets
durer albrecht melancholia magic square merchant marks
The secrets of the magic Square 4 pane
durer melancholia magic square secrets secrets magic
durer sex melancholia magic square
Melencoilia Secrets of the Magic Square-the numeral 6
durer sex melancholia magic square
Secrets of the Magic Square-the 7
durer melancholia magic square sex renaissance
Melencolia Magic Square 8 secrets
Durer Albrecht boat ships Nuremberg Renaissance magic square
The boat in the magic square
durer albrecht melancholia magic square art renaissance secrets coffins nautical secrets
The magic Square 10 unmasked
durer sex melancholia magic square
Melencolia Magic Square-the 11
durer melancholia magic square
Secretes of the Magic Square-the number 12
durer melenoclia magic square
The Secrets in the Magic Square 13
Durer Albrecht Renaissance magic Square math Nuremberg Melencolia
Secrets of the “1514” in the Magic Square
Melencolia magic square durer albrecht sea seahorse
A closer look at the 16 pane in the magic square

As the magic square number 15 and 14 we’re taken together to create an article, we realize that  some of the encodings in the 4 of the 14 numeral may have been missed  and we will revisit this analysis asap to see what may have been missed. The focus on the first analysis was on the 15 numeral pane, but as we have seen when we got to the 4 pane, it was the mystical sign of 4 merchant mark that Durer reused many  times, and so there’s probably much more there. But I invited you all, as you can now see, how the Durer Cipher is working to try your hand to see how the Durers encipher and used such incredible micr0 engraving techniques to get messaging through  to target audiences, especially since the situation was a life and death situation.

And of course, Durer had to make scads of money with this print, so he’d have to be stumping viewers.

Anyone up for using their talents and skills to crack secrets of the centuries and millennium? Perhaps you will discover something new?

At the very least you will train your eyes to find “fine print” no pun intended that will stand  you in good stead in all your life endeavors.

Truthfully, of course I find the backwards and now forwards 9 the most fascinating, followed by the 6 under the 5. But is seems to me that the mystical sign of 4 merchant mark must hold the place of third most fascinating encoded number.


If you liked this article, please consider  buying the book to find out what Durer was actually doing and why he had to resort to such tricks and deception

More to come!

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2 thoughts on “Melencolia-In Honor of Halloween

  1. All those items are in a billy and mandy episode around the genius. Those item’s are tinkerbell you have to watch the tinkerbell movies all the items around the genius is a person. It’s a form of Sufism where he has drawn the person in a unidentifiable mannerism. Melencholia 1is the humour of reason an imagination. Muslim Sufi image’s usually have a man and a cat. Now watch adventure time to understand Sufi.

    1. Sorry Kelly,

      Your comment is one of the most bizarre ever. I think you need to read the actual proof I’ve disclosed in 4 years of writing.



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