Melencolia – The Hidden Sixth and Seventh Ships – Part 6

Copyright Dr. Elizabeth Garner  June 11, 2014

Melencolia 6th and 7th ships

The 6th and 7th ships hidden in the drapery of the Melencolia are displayed here.  For ease of location for you, you can see that these two ships, which are one on top of another, are above the shoe of Melencolia.

The top one is outlined in the blue box; the second one is outlined in the red circle.The top one is sitting on the hull of the bottom one.  The top one is placed in a slightly different direction than the bottom one which appears to be positioned this way so as to indicate some sort of additional coding, which is pointed to be the green arrow.

Once again, the bottom ship is ‘sailing” in the same direction as the ones we’ve found previously.  They are hidden in the folds of Melencolia’s drapery, on the right side of the print which indicates “sailing” to the past.   The yellow arrow points to the first mast of the top ship and at the same point of where the green arrow points is the distinctive side covering of the carrack

The Portuguese carrack of the 1500s

The medium blue arrow points to the same type of carrack covering on the bottom ship. The bottom of the red circle indicates the bottom of the lower ship.   As we have found two ships together before, in the drapery of the putto represented Margret and her twin, Agnes I, there’s a good chance that these two ships on top of each other could represent “doubles.”.  We do not know yet why these two ships have been placed together, could they represent the two Sebalds that were born in the family?   All speculations and guesses are welcome in your comments.   How many more ships will we find?

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