Melencolia -The Fifth Ship – Part 5

Copyright Dr. Elizabeth Garner  Jun 11, 2014

5th SHIP in Melencolia


Here we have the 5th carrack ship found in the drapery folds of Melencolia’s dress.  Once again it is a Portuguese carrack such as this:

the carrack of the 1500s


The yellow arrow indicates where you can find this ship: near the first key of the purse near the ground.

The red arrow points to the prow of the carrack and the lime grew arrow points to the distinctive covering that surrounds the top part of the carrack.  The orange arrow points to the bottom of the ship.

As usual, this carrack is on the right side of the print, indicating the ship is “sailing” towards the past.  It is pointed in a slightly more rectangular direction of the  other ships, but basically still “sailing” in the same direction.


How many more ships did the Duerers hide in plain sight from the world?


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