Melencolia-Why is that Building Sinking?

Copyright Dr. Elizabeth Garner and Gary Hind, July 29, 2014, All Rights Reserved

There are many encodings in the tiny landscape under the rainbow and on the horizon line under the rainbow, Let’s take a look at another one that has been hidden in plain sight:

Surer Albrecht Melencolia Magic square renaissance Nuremberg sex rainbow
The sinking building on the horizon line

What you see here is a building that seems to be in the shape of a cross that is sinking into the horizon.  Based on it’s shape, it appears to be architecturally of Romanesque style which would indicate the period of approximately 700-1000 AD, the time of Charlemagne being the Holy Roman Emperor, the same time that the Khazars, the only “country” to have required their nobles to convert to Judaism, existed.  Duerer’s father came from on of the biggest biggest settlements of the Khazars, Bihar/Grosswardein now known as Oradea in Rumania.  this period of time was right at the beginning of the Crusades, when the Templar Knights started coming into power


1.  The blue arrow is pointing to the “cross” type building that has a Romanesque type architecture

2.  The red arrow is pointing to what appears to be a figure or a wharf that is very out of perspective if it is a wharf extending from this building

3.  The yellow arrow is pointing to the clue that tells us this is a figure or a wharf.  Notice that there are two vertical lines crossecting the lines  that indicate the water: these are either the posts that hold up the wharf or the legs of the figure.


More to come!



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