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Dear World and Fans,

It is with great regret but absolutely necessary to report to you what LinkedIn allows in their groups under the false premise of “free speech” which is in fact defamation, stalking, bullying, threats,  and intolerance by a group moderator.

A few weeks back I and my partner published a series of articles regarding poisonous pigments used by the Duerers in their paintings and raised the question, were the Duerers poisoning selected clients?

A firestorm erupted in in a number of groups that was allowed by the group moderator, who runs four groups, of which I am a member, resulting in defamation and stalking and threats.  Not only that, these hooligans then started disrupting other reputable personages who were posting some very important information, resulting in comments that confused and disgusted others.

I used to allow an editor of an ezine to republish my articles on his website until this post came out in October 2013:


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 This editor then made a Youtube public video of his experience at Frieze and posted it also on his website.  He has since deleted all public record of these activities because of his embarrassment, but this is what was sent out to the world from his website and remains in the public domain.  It was at that point, that I decided that continuing any further with publications on this website, except for those already scheduled through Halloween, was no longer in my best interest and made myself clear to this person that there would be no more publications until he could demonstrate actual performance of things promised.

A former writer of his began emailing me over a year ago with threats and has been stalking me ever since also all over LinkedIn. His disruption and stalking is continuing in LinkedIn even at this moment.

Fast forward to events of the last few weeks.  As this and some other group posts I made and the comments from some others became obnoxious, condescending, and obvious attacks,  I began flagging comments as inappropriate to the moderator to get her attention, who did nothing to contact me and get the real truth about what was going on, which I would have gladly shared with her.

This moderator has made it clear from the past that she had not liked some of the posts I have published for reasons unknown, especially a reattributed article about the CIA admitting to having used art as propaganda through the Cold War, which involved the complicity of Harvard and Yale, and all the major USA museums, and the Rockerfellers.  This article  indicated that very specific artists were hand picked by the CIA to be vaulted and made famous so their art could used to target and discourage artists behind the Iron Curtain, not because they were actually good artists.  This moderator then only told me she was allowing the post  to go through because ONE OF THOSE DISCOURAGED IRON CURTAIN ARTISTS had immediately responded in thanks for finally being allowed to know the truth that only they could sense. So in fact I had positively shed light for one confused human soul who gave thanks. I believe that was worth  suffering the moderator’s wrath.

This moderator has demonstrated that she plays favorites to a small coterie of writers, for I see over and over again the same small group of people posting in these groups and no one responding to the posts.  Which only told me there was something wrong with this picture and it seemed a waste of time to even bother with these forums. But I persisted remaining in these groups for the few really good posts that either bring a smile to the face by one particularly very good writer or seem of particular rarity. When the few who do post in these groups  respond, it appears to be a battle pomposity.

I gauge this happening when I see LONG posts where the poster leaves never-ending discussions that start boring me sd soon as I see the length of the post.  People who claim to have mastery over the English language in my opinion should be able to synthesize their thoughts in a much more compact fashion instead of profusely filling space.  But that’s my opinion, it’s like body parts that everyone has.   I usually skip over these posts.

Back to the harassment, stalking, and defamation that occurred to me and my co-author recently.  We had the choice to ignore these attacks but chose to attempt to deal with these people once. While we remained civil in responding to ever increasing attacks, it became obvious to us that nothing logical or reasonable was going to be satisfactory and made a conscious decision not to further respond except to point out the speciousness of the arguments and the syllogisms used.  I provided many links to in these posts and others to accepted scholastic material that these attackers refused to read.

This morning I received an email from this moderator who basically told me she was suspending any of my posts or comments to these groups because I was making her life a pain by consistently flagging comments as inappropriate, which made her life more difficult. I made it clear to her that I thought her choice was poorly made, she obviously did not understand the legal aspects of what she was allowing (a rather stupid thing to do with an an attorney who practices law at one of the Supreme courts in Wash. DC), and that her actions were biased and unilaterally made without having even made an attempt to get the full information about what was going on-FROM ME, before having made this decision. I made it clear I would use all legal methods to get this story out about what is going on in LinkedIn so that others KNOW what they face when they innocently subject themselves to tyranny.

And so it stands.  The stalker who threatened still stalks, “free speech’ has been suborned, the editor has been warned of legal proceedings that may occur.

BUT THE GREAT NEWS IS THAT these people HAVE NOT WON.  IN FACT, while the editor’s website is sinking like a stone in SEO rankings and has lost significant market share with people now spending even less than a minute on his site, MY RANKINGS AND POPULARITY HAS SOARED.  I AM RECEIVING MANY EMAILS from new readers who congratulate me and my co-author on breaking up the entrenched paradigm and providing new information to them that they can not find anywhere else, because we are methodical in printing ethical and balanced information that is totally supported by pictorial  and scholastic evidence.

I have begun the process of notifying the LinkedIn authorities as to what has occurred.  And LinkedIn should be mortified  at what they think is legal in allowing these things to occur.  Just so that everyone knows also, the LinkedIn help desk not only takes months to properly respond to any complaint, they even don’t know the law as they have already quoted me.

Finally, I receive SEO reports about how useful LinkedIn posts are to SEO rankings and have discovered that the time spent on LinkedIn does little to boost people’s rankings, in fact in my case, the interactions there only contribute 3% to getting yourself known and noticed.  Which tells me there are much better forums in which to spend my time.

THANK YOU ALL WHO HAVE BEEN positive and active supporters of learning the truth and your support of my past endeavors and the future incredible new findings we can’t wait to publish.


Elizabeth Garner











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    1. thank you. for an update, this website is shooting through the roof in popularity, thanks to all of you, while the defamers are dying on the vine. Justice wins eventually always.

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