KATE MIDDLETON gets her Prince William with Art history

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Kate Middleton and Prince William at the wedding

Here’s something you may have in common with Kate Middleton: she majored in art history while in college. Here’s something you definitely don’t have in common with Kate Middleton: her major helped her bag a prince (sort of). Somehow, the rest of us just got saddled with student loans.

Middleton and husband Prince William began at University of St. Andrews as art history majors; however William eventually switched to geography.

Middleton’s knowledge of and passion for the arts has actually helped her greatly in her various royal duties. She’s currently involved with The Art Room, a charity organization that enables her to visit art classrooms throughout the country, working with children experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties to express themselves through art.

Remember that controversial royal portrait by Paul Emsley? Critics panned the work, noting that its harsh lighting made Middleton look about 10 years older, but she claimed to love it. “It’s just amazing. Absolutely brilliant,” she said. Middleton reportedly assembled the shortlist of painters she wanted to work with on the commission.

Middleton’s keen eye and reported photography training (prior to her marriage, she took photographs as part of her role within Party Pieces, a party planning company established by her parents) can only help her in her next endeavor: the royal Instagram and Twitter accounts.



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