It’s Good Maria Von Trapp Got Out of Austria-From the US Military Records

Transmittal of report on United States discovery of the Hungarian gold reserve in an Austrian monastery, together with works of art. The bank president and Gestapo tried to seize the treasure but were foiled. Also a report on German looting of Russian works of art from Leningrad suburbs, Also a report on discovery of Belgian art works in a Salzburg salt mine and in Goering’s hoard at Berchtesgaden. A special committee in Prague, Czechoslovakia will search for German looted art. Nazi leaders stored hoards of wealth in Bavaria-Schwarz, Nazi Party treasurer doled it out to those who fled the country. 7 pp. May 1945

In case you are not aware, there are 200 miles of tunnels under Nuremberg where Durer and other publishers probably had to dry their art.  ISN’T IT STRANGE THAT THE NAZIS STORED HOARDS OF WEALTH IN BAVARIA-SCHWARZ, just where Nuremberg is?

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