Insanity Update: News Scandal Erupts Over Fake “Invisible Art” Stunt

newstrom finalB

Plenty of people—even art people—were expressing their outrage recently when word broke of a New York artist making her name selling “invisible art.” The works exist solely in the imagination of the artist but were nonetheless priced at upwards of $35,000 each.

It’s hard to tell what news is real and what is satire, and this was a pretty poker-faced example of the latter. But there were definite clues, even for those who didn’t know that the source of the image was a Canadian radio show that specializes in spoofs.

The artist in question does as of this moment have both a personal website and a (newly created) Twitter page.  The page continues to draw a stream of wrathful comments, which “Newstrom” is dutifully engaging with, defending her reputation valiantly and offering to make original new invisible artwork for skeptics in exchange for a contribution to the Lifeboat Foundation.

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4 thoughts on “Insanity Update: News Scandal Erupts Over Fake “Invisible Art” Stunt

  1. How gullible would you be to even consider attending – unless you were the press.
    Or, I could say, this is taking conceptual art to the enth degree.’

    1. I happen to agree with you Faye, only shows how much silliness there is, besides such fraud, in the art world, but that’s where the fraud and the money laundering is occurring which has led to such outrageous prices for art. I was astonished to hear on national that if ANYONE on the face of the earth has assets of any kind of more than $3657-ONLY THREE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED 67 DOLLARS, YOU ARE RICHER THAN MORE THAN ONE HALF OF THE ENTIRE PLANET OF 7 BILLION PEOPLE! FOLLOWED BY THE ANNOUNCEMENT that the 1% is getting richer faster also. There has NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD BEEN THIS LEVEL OF CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH EVER EXISTENT OTHER than during the Renaissance of Duerer’s time.

      I might have gone just to see how stupid other people would be-for hahahas, but to actually PAY for something like this tells us so much about the human condition and the “status” seeking needs of the ultra rich, or those who hope to emulate them. SAD.

      Thank you for commenting, I hope to see you back here often





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