2 thoughts on “It is was your Family – The Legal Arguments Begin

  1. It seems to me that these artworks would all have been lost or destroyed if the person who saved them had not done so.
    He is the one who should be rewarded for keeping them from certain destruction, and then hand them over to museums for all to enjoy.
    I imagine there were risks involved by keeping articles that were deemed “decadent”.
    He must have been a brave art lover.
    All tyrants loot as much as they can. The Nazis didn’t invent the practice.
    Rape and pillage is an ancient practice.
    Just look at the public treasures in Russia !

    1. Well, Irena, you and I have completely different viewpoints. I don’t believe Gurlitt was motivated by anything but greed and since he was well aware that these artworks were stolen from Jews, I find no logical cause to put the word brave in anything that has to do with these butchers. He knew exactly what he was doing, just sorry he got caught. The fact that humans tend to be despicable people doesn’t suggest that we should temper our outrage. It is the 21st century, things should be better if it wasn’t for the 1% wanting to enslave us all by destroying the financial markets, the mortgage markets, the arbitrage markets, and I can’t remember the criminality of the day. Bolsheviks anyone?

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