IDIOTS! Italian Student Smashes Sculpture While Taking Selfie

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A 19th-century copy of the ancient Greek statue the Drunken Satyr has been the victim of a vicious selfie attack.

It may have seemed like the perfect photo-op, but things quickly went south when an Italian student looking to impress friends on Instagram broke an early 19th-century statue by hopping in its lap to snap some selfies.

Titled The Drunken Satyr, the work is a copy of an ancient Greek sculpture housed in a museum hallway, outside a room with more valuable Greek originals which were fortunate to avoid falling victim to the student’s misguided photographic urges. His supreme lack of common sense was caught on video by security cameras at Milan’s Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, but it is unclear if the student got his desired shot before shattering the statue’s leg.

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2 thoughts on “IDIOTS! Italian Student Smashes Sculpture While Taking Selfie

    1. You couldn’t possibly have a Durer painting. All are in museums or private collections. Sorry, you didn’t win the lottery!

      all the best!

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