“Well-Known” Prague Gallery Praised by Russian TV Turns Out to Be Office Hallway



Reports on Russian state television and the country’s Channel Five station heaped praise on a photography exhibition at what they dubbed “one of the most famous art galleries in Prague,” one “well-known” in the art world. Allegedly, this major gallery had just opened a show of photos of the aftermath of a fire at the Trade Union building in Odesa, Ukraine, on May 2.  The exhibition’s organizers claim that the photos at the prestigious gallery are “attempt to overcome the conspiracy of European media silence on what is happening in Ukraine.”

However, as Radio Free Europe discovered, the report never mentions the name of this well-known gallery, because it’s not actually a gallery. The photos are hanging in a hallway on the fifth floor of a Prague office building that houses the Communist party of Bohemia and Moravia. Though the Russian TV reports showed a crowded gallery opening, when Radio Free Europe dropped by, “the hall was empty aside from two elderly members of the Communist-linked “Czech Borderlands Club” lounging in armchairs lining the walls.”

Not only is the gallery a fraud, but so is the photography exhibition, which features computer print-outs of pixelated photos culled from the Internet.


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