Discovering the Dürer Cipher : Hidden Secrets in Plain Sight

Melencolia symbol I
Melencolia symbol I



The only artist in the world who was embedding secret messages in almost all his art and using it as a weapon, double-crossing everyone in his path, with lots of sex, sex sex in the artThe first James Bond.

Dr. Garner states “I am now one-hundred percent certain that Albrecht Dürer employed such “ciphers and embeds” throughout his career to thwart the ‘powers-that-be’ of the time’ who tried to control every aspect of his art and employ him towards their own means in programming the populace to perform the political, social and religious bidding of the reigning nobility in Medieval Nuremberg, Germany. The results of this conspiracy are impacting the entire globe today AND YOULearn how you can use his techniques to thwart your enemies no matter what profession you engage in.

Dr. Garner’s brilliant research reveals this:  Albrecht Dürer was controlled by powerful nobles and communal leaders who forcefully machinated him as a “hired hand” artist and utilized his considerable graphic skill to advance a campaign against their opponents and stir up the hatred and zeal of the masses against their chosen enemy.  Dr. Garner has discovered that just beneath the surface of such famous Dürer masterpieces such as “Melencolia” and “The Apocalypse” are hidden embedded and encoded images demonstrating Dürer’s ingenious personal attacks on his powerful handlers and his efforts to counter and ultimately wholly subvert their nefarious  “holy war,” by ingeniously and swiftly sending his urgent and “secret” message to his chosen audience so that they may save themselves.

For those who are familiar with the art of Albrecht Dürer, this never-before-told story  will affect the worldly scholar and casual observer alike, causing them to re-assess and process the innovative and brilliant “out-of-the-box” discoveries of Dr. Elizabeth Garner.  And, for the uninitiated …they will be totally blown-away by this breakneck-paced thriller which engulfs the viewer in a floridly multicolored parallel-universe where nothing is really as it seems.

Join this fascinating quest for the historical truth, the conspiracies created, and answers to Albrecht Dürer’s incredible Cipher and messages, which are still pertinent to today’s world and you.

Move over, Dan Brown!  Truth is stranger than fiction.


Albrecht Durer
 Dr. Elizabeth Garner, Independent Art Historian,
 Specializing in All Things Albrecht Dürer, his life, his art, and his hidden secrets.





85 thoughts on “Discovering the Dürer Cipher : Hidden Secrets in Plain Sight

  1. I see THE DÜRER CODE in your question: “What would you do if…?” I think you made DÜRER happy, because the artists never seek the favor to their names but wish people would recognize themselves in the artistic visions and would reply to the Light with their personal life.
    Your discovery of DÜRER after so many years since the picture was made gifts as me as many around some hope for the breakup through current silence will become the reality of a hug one day
    Sincerely Yours Art by Tomas
    Tomas Karkalas recently posted..learn to say before you singMy Profile

    1. Thank you Tomas for recognizing that the entire myth about Durer needs to be exposed, shaken up, and the paradigm has to shift about what this genius was really doing, recognizing the messages he was passing to the world, which many times was subversive, and that he commands a whole new respect for talents previously unrecognized. Art History will change dramatically.

      When an electronic version of the next exhibition with opens Oct 8-Nov 23 at the Rebecca Randall Bran Art Gallery at Carolina Coastal University in South Carolina, I will be adding a link to that here.

      I hope you have added you email and clicked follow me in the upper right hand corner so you will get automatic notifications of new article publications.

      Thank you for your comment and stopping by!


  2. Nice blog, and great effort bringing the collection to Coastal Carolina University, keep up the interesting work, and I look forward to hearing more about the Dürer Cypher one day. PS I enjoyed quickly chatting with you about The Apocalypse.

  3. Please note my observation, Melencolia I is possibly the most magical of Dürer’s engravings: a universal masterpiece.

  4. I stumbled on your blog while researching Dürer for a paper for my Museum Studies class. Although I haven’t had an opportunity to read through all of your posts, I just wanted to let you know that I am looking forward to learning more about this theory and about Dürer in general.

    Great blog, very well written, and fascinating subject.

  5. the answer to melencolia is = Iron…
    its a prevision/extrapolation that there will be a big bang. The fire that brought out the first Iron started a process wich is still running against life. Big bang=nuclear. Art/magic is the anti-process.
    So this painting is a look into the future and hey he was right. a genius.
    there are many codes and informations in his paintings and some paintings belong together or they
    are complete when you put the codes together. The “Stone of the Wise” is allegedly hidden in one of his paintings. And a lot more. He was better than Da Vinci

    1. What a fascinating idea. Do tell us more.

      There is no doubt that at the first layer of meaning, Melencolia is a tribute to Durer’s family, especially his mother and co artist sister.

      But that doesn’t preclude another layer of meaning on top of that.

      I would really like to hear your theories here in more detail. You could be right.


      1. Only a knowledgeable woman with such a strong intuition. devotion as well as compassion was able, after about 500 years, to reveal that personal, emotional side of AD’s message. Almost as a touch of God’s will.

        Best to Your endeavors.

        1. Hey Duerer is my destiny. Sometimes he ticks me off so much with his messages, I could have had a v-8.

          Don’t miss what’s coming end sept thru October 9, the revelations of the real last judgment of the apocalypse, the Haller Madonna and lot fleeing sodom. They are spectacular and so controversial. Just finished them, now I start on new book, the Duerer Cipher.
          Elizabeth recently posted..“And then there were two…….” Part 2My Profile

    2. Very good!

      Moreover, AD was far more than only “a genius”. He WAS the “Stone of the Wise”. 12th in a long line of “Tür-ers”.

      Among many other totally hidden messages one is exactly the Time Code. He is mastering 4th and even 5th dimension.

      God bless.

      ps Strange figure of L. Pacioli plays an interesting role in entire “Dürer story” as well.

      1. What’s your source for claiming Al was 12th in a long line of Thuerers? You got some Hungarian info I should know about?

        And please elucidate on 4th and 5 th dimension of time if you have info. Hey I’ve had to crack this code with only a little help and I’ve been writing Durer stuff for 11.5 hrs straight. My eyes are crossed.
        But I appreciate the leads, would appreciate more data.


        Elizabeth recently posted..“And then there were two…….” Part 2My Profile

        1. There is no any “Hungarian sources” at all. In fact, AD has nothing to do with Hungary as I told you already (on related page). It is not only art-history twisted and cracked – almost entire written (especially medieval) history is a dubious story, to say least. Modern world is mostly an anti-world.

          Sorry, this kind of communication is very limited in order to explain all the hints. Pls do not forget AD deals with maths, geometry and physics so complex, even beyond today’s “academy”. However, more hints:

          “Magic square” is the window of the eternal House. Where are Doors (Tür)? Who is “bellringer” holding the rope? What number is under the rope; what under left wing; what above that?
          As really final, AD IS REBIS of his time.

          God bless

          1. I own this print and I have a scan of it at 1200 dpi and have looked for what you suggest and see nothing of what you try to indicate is there.

            Which “left wing?” The one on the women or the one that is left of the viewer? where’s the number you claim.

            There are Hungarian sources and to claim that Duer has nothing to do with Hungary when all he leaves is lots and lots of very specific Hungarian clues is silly.

            There is no melancholoy in Melencolia. It is not Allegory to depression, it is not allegory at all and Durer himself tells us that very clearly, it’s about very specific people, I just haven’t published that article yet.

            what bell ringer? the bell had been rung cuz the woman is dead and that would have been done by the bell ringer of the St Sebald Church, because Al paid for that to be done. the bell ringing is over.

            I can’t see a number under the rope, but I have a left 20/200 eye so there’s a number of times I can’t see some clues, so others help me.

            Pls send some screen shots or enlargements that support these comments if you’d like me to consider these theories further. The biggest mistake everyone makes is to complicate Durer rather than simplify. Yes, I’m well aware that Durer wanted to be knownas a mathematician rather than painter, he bought the Berhnhard Walthers house which was the second observatory in Europe and Walthers entire esoteric library.

            Everyone loves to try to make every artist into Nostradamus or similar but so far I am unconvinced and I spent 3 years tracking down every type of esoteric thought during that time FIRST, it was the most logical to do. Paoioli does not hold the clue

            As I send, send some pics and we can discuss further

            Looking forward to your screen shots

  6. Hi Elizabeth,Albrecht Durer is realy special from all of painter s.He had really intersting,secter and fascinating technic.Regard

  7. hi if I was to also stumble on a really good really good George on horse back what would be the best way to sell privately I have learned loads here !

    1. Glad you have learned loads.

      Your best bet is to contact a reputable private dealer to see if they will sell on commission. There are plenty out there. Start with IFPDA, The International Fine Print Dealers Association, they have a website that lists members if you don’t have one you know locally.

      Good luck!

  8. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog?
    My blog is in the very same area of interest as yours and my visitors would truly
    benefit from a lot of the information you present here.
    Please let me know if this okay with you.

    Thank you!
    coil bong recently posted..coil bongMy Profile

    1. Sure, sorry, had tech problems, like dead computers, didn’t see your comment til now. Be my guest and I would really appreciate knowing when you back link.

  9. Hi Elizabeth,
    Fascinating topic and site. So, are you aware of another German artist by the name of Otto Sager?


    Mark Austin

  10. I have a etching of saint George on horseback I came across it in an old scrap book dated around 1888
    I was looking to sell it but after finding this site when noticing that the auction house had no clue to who Durer was. I felt I would be an insult to let it go. but I can not find where my etching would have been made I have found it is possibly a b plate sized etching the paper looks to be pulp would love to find out more so still hunting. I don’t see art in the same way now !

    1. Thank you for the comment

      You do not have an etching of st George on horseback done by Durer. He only made 6 etchings 1515-1518 and the st George was done around 1507-1508.

      Oh the big auction houses know Albrecht Durer, record prices are being set for his prints even this year. The rhinoceros of 1515 I think sold over $600,000.

      Your image of St George is a popular image and would have been reprinted around 1888 because I think there was some big celebration Nuremberg was throwing. Basically a souvenir reprint.

      If you like, frame it. If you want to sell, I’d look at eBay. Not a lot of value in it at this point. By the way, the original was an engraving or woodblock print. 1507-1508 there was a huge resurgence in interest in St George due to Emperor Maximillian. Many German artists were selling st George prints.

      Good luck!

  11. Sorry I should have said I have a b plate sized etching saint George on horseback I have seen this size on Christie’s auction past lots today just cant find who the maker was as it has no watermarks I will frame the picture. would the Germans have made the b plate type of etching/print

      1. Thank you again Genevra. I posted my comments about this symposium on and design. A whole symposium of people NOT talking about Durer except what Warburg said in 1905. NOW that’s certainly the flimsiest excuse for education I’ve seen in a long time. What a gravy train of academia. it explains the positioning of certain things that have been placed in the media.

        Well, the truth is here.

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding. I think all in the art world who were art historians and survived, seems they kept their jobs and their mouths shut. I just posted a new article about this.

      It’s interesting that there would have been some forger who had the time and materials provided to create this “copy.” I believe little of what these complicit art historians say now, now that I’ve read what became of them. They had to eat, what does the world care if they tell lies or not? Missing documentation, especially in Germany, as there is with almost all of Albrecht Durer’s life is EXTREMELY suspicious.

  12. I indeed saw your article, which really needs some time to study thoroughly, only shortly after I posted my question. I really feel you are in sync or even ahead of the ‘Zeitgeist’, if that is the proper word to use. Thank you so much, and I do hope you will find the time to study this particular topic more in depth at some future time.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I don’t understand what you are asking for. Please clarify. I am adding the the entire Gurlitt debacle to my site because the actual conspiracy, which I have not yet revealed on this site that resulted in this debacle among all in the world started in 1470 with Duerer. I have a mind to start making the connections, but first it’s important to get the Gurlitt truth out first.
      You can keep in touch with me here or on LinkedIn

  13. Wow…I have been absolutely fascinated with Durer since I was a pup. The symbolism and technical rendering at that time period is mind-numbing to me. I was wondering when he was going to re-surface again. The speculation is very intriguing. Thanks for the added information.
    I will look for the hard copy edition.

    1. Thank you for those kind words. I’m in the process of writing the Encyclopedia of the Durer Cipher, which hopefully I will be able to find a hard copy publisher. If you know of one, please let me know.

  14. Great stuff! I’m an art historian as well and though I must admit, I didn’t know all these very juicy tidbits, I’m somehow not surprised that Dürer would be the one to do this.

    1. No art historian knows what i’ve revealed, it couldn’t have been found until 1971. but you are correct, Albrecht and margret have taken it SO FAR beyond what anyone else was doing, it’s amazing

    2. Holbein was also doing some interesting stuff during that period…contemporaries. I wonder if doing this intricate ‘conceptual’ touches was a trend of the period…somewhat following Jan van Eyck…?

  15. Dear Elizabeth,

    Having not got a clue to how Google plus works ( please put it down to an addled mind following a very enjoyable but rather miss-spent youth ) I have now reached your own site. Thanks for the invite to join you in a conversation on Google plus. When I have worked out which button to press I certainly will but until then please accept my apology for not getting back sooner….

    I’m afraid that I sadly missed your radio show and was hoping to find a recording but without success. I am however quite sure that it when well for you.

    You will already know from another source that I am a fervent fan of your work. I will continue to follow your future progress via this site and Mickey Finn and I wish you well with your research and writing.

    Kindest regards…

    Tom H.

  16. Have just viewed and heard. Thank you Elizabeth.

    This is outstanding. To make your points to the wider world and to other art historians you might consider sending this tape ( and other research ) to a major TV broadcaster such as the BBC in London or Sky etc. who, I’m sure, would jump to make an in depth documentary program. Just a thought because this is quite explosive stuff and should be given to a much bigger audience than a local radio show.

    Good Luck…

    Tom H.

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    1. thank you very much Hortense and I appreciate you understanding how much work goes into total accuracy. Stay tuned there are more fabulous articles about to be published and especially at the beginning of Jan 2014, some of the most incredible finds to date.



  18. Elizabeth I think I have a 15th century Durer Religious engraving in BRASS..its quite large as well..almost 3′ wide 2′ high
    Would love your quick opinion here
    Can you get with me at my email so I can send you the link to the photo album with pictures I took yesterday
    I am just south of Clearwater Beach
    Hope to hear from you soon Elizabeth
    Thanks so very much

    1. You don’t have an authentic Durer. No plates were done in brass or later plated in brass. Some got gold plated but that was only for the Small Cardinal of Brandenburg and some other portrait, no religious image done that way. And NO plate was ever that big, most people don’t realize HOW SMALL most of these images are-like 4 7/8 ” x 2 3/4 “-which makes encoding even more amazing. Heck the Apocalypse prints are only 15″ x 11” and only three other images a bit larger than that.

      Sorry. It’s a souvenir. Sell it on ebay.

      Happy New year

  19. Elizabeth,

    My wife, mistress, dog and myself – together with my good friend Mickey Finn., would like to wish you a very happy and successful 2014. We are all very much in awe of your work, writing & exceptional research. I hope that we will be in touch later in the year. Your missed at the moment on AAD.

    Kindest regards
    Tom H.

    1. I’m very happy you are enjoying this website. Please sign up for email alerts of new article at the top of the landing page. Pls enter your email the hit follow me and all will be automatic

  20. I just saw your speech at Coastal Carolina University on youtube and found it fascinating. Thanks for all your terrific research and conclusions. When will the world learn not to trust mainstream scholastic history? I hope your book can make it to hardcopy, as I don’t have a kindle and find it difficult to read electronic books; but I look forward to trying to read all the articles here.

    1. Thank you Christian, I’m quite pleased that you enjoyed the speech given at Coastal Carolina, especially since in the last few days I’ve been defamed publicly, threatened privately, banned from Linked in Groups who seem to not be able to distinguish the legalities of what constitutes “free speech” and defamation. The world is erupting in horror as their paradigms are pushed t have to think differently or actually use their brains to look at evidence objectively.

      Keep coming back. We’ve discovered some wild stuff, I just can’t write fast enough. i’ve just returned from Two Duerer exhibitions in Europe that were staged fantastically but reading the garbage in the exhibition catalog leaves me stunned. i can’t find footnote any younger than 1956 and the postulated essays could never have happened. it’s amazing to me what entrenched academia, which is crumbling fast, will do to hang on by fingernails.



  21. Great get the job done! Right here is the style of details that should be provided online. Disgrace on Google for the time being never positioning this text better! Come on around plus visit my website. Thanks a lot =)

    1. Thank you very much for such a nice vote of confidence. Pls sign up for automatic updates on the landing page. There’s some blockbuster info coming out soon.



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  23. just want to say thank you for making this site I still have my etching Saint George on horse back . and have found it quite interesting. I still have no clue to who made the etching but think it may be from the later part of the 1800s. My eyes have been opened to the auction houses visited lots and was dumfounded to fined they did not know it was Durer and some didn’t know who he was ! I would love it to go to someone with a passion for Durers art I have put it away to keep it safe and feel it will find its new home one day thank you again as if it was not for your time and passion for Durer I would have never felt this excitement !

    1. Hi again,

      the original Durer St. George was an engraving. If from 1800’s could be an etching, put more likely still an engraving. Feel free to send me a picture at, I can take a look and let you know if I can figure out anything.

      To protect any print, go to art store, buy two sheets museum quality arhical matt board and then a sheet of glassine. You will put the print between the two mat boards with the glassine over the print under the top board. Keep it dry (non-humid) place. If you want to frame it, we shall talk again

      NEVER BE SURPRISED AT AUCTION HOUSE BEHAVIOR OR HOW DUMB SOME PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE ARE ABOUT ART. Even that famous tv episode on pawn stars, the expert who inspected got it wrong, I could tell from just watching on tv what the expert was saying was the wrong things about the print Der Reuter, commonly called Knight, Death and the Devil, he didn’t even know the REAL NAME DURER gave the print-Der Reuter and didn’t inform the audience how to really inspect prints. It wasn’t worth the “score.” sloth it’s what anyone is willing to pay for something.



  24. through history people who have told us that things are like this ! will strike down on people who say no its actually like this and clam together to keep you down and the truth from being written ! thank you again

  25. elizabeth
    studying durers gaelic galloglass art drawing and i depict a hound in the image can you advise me what this detail means in the durer cipher

    1. Thank you for your comment but I really don’t understand to which drawing you are referring. If you want to understand better what dog symbolism means in Durer art, please see my article published the Dogs of Durer. You can also send me a picture of what you’re talking about to the email attached to my website.



          1. elizabeth
            do you receive the copy and can you decipher the symbolism for me and did you spot the face of the hound in the drawing and anything else



            THANK YOU

          3. elizabeth
            as your reply did not get to my email directly
            i only saw your message 5 minutes ago
            i have resent the image or should i say two images one in black and white and one in colour and a few lines of text -disregard the text
            if you can help me with any of the symbolism in these drawings
            i would be delighted to hear back from you

          4. Dear Liam, yes I have found your email. COULD YOU PLEASE RESEND THE TWO IMAGES AS NON PDF FILES. SOMETHING I CAN ENLARGE ON MAC EQUIPMENT WITH PREVIEW OF IPHOTO. on quid k look no, I don’t spot a hound face if you can send a third enlargeable image wherer you could annotate where you think this hound face is that would be helpful.

            I’m quite confused as to what you want to know about this drawing and why there are 6 pages of notes of some sort of article along with it. Are you writing a paper? What are you using this for? You’re translation of the Deutsche is a tad off, bt it does basically say Tis is the attire of of soldiers of Ireland , beyond England [the two guys on the left] 1521 This is the attire of peasants of Ireland. Much was going on in Durer’s life in 1521, but he had already returned to Nuremberg despite having taken up the offer of the Antwerp City Fathers to move his headquarters to Antwerp (he got a house and was paid a tidy sum). He was very ill in April in 1521 and sketches himself ill, there was so much going on with him in 1521 but more than likely he drew this drawing when back in Nuremberg ; he was doing many costume ketches during that time. It has been in many famous Durer collections. again if you can send me more images that are enlargeable, I can see if there are endings in it, but at first glance I see none. But many times one can’t see the Durer enciphering symbols unit magnification. that was done on purpose.It’s interesting that he would have done Irish warriors and peasants in his sketchbook in 1521, as Ireland does figure very much so into the the whole Durer story, and this drawing is a “one-Off” so to speak of costume drawings, like no other at the time. Well, I look forward to enlargable images and what you really are asking me to tell you from this drawing since you have already done much research at least or someone has that you sent with the images. I await, it’s very intriguing.

          5. Well, I DO FIND evidence of the Durer Cipher all over this drawing. I don’t find the dog yet of which you speak. What is very curious is that this is an other drawing which would be in his sketchbook. We have found other drawings that are Cipher encoded in sketchbook drawings. Which always points to the question, to whom would this sketchbook have been made available so that they could get the messages from these sketches. What i’ve seen so far are definitely repeats of important messages he was getting to target audiences. The sketch is in the Kupferstichkabinett in Berlin since 1877. It would make more sense that he might have done this in 1514 but there was much also going on in 1521 that would apply as messages to the target audiences also in 1521. I wish I could figure out how to upload your image here for all to see.

            If you are looking for the article on the dogs of Durer, they will be in the archives somewhere in the year 2012, it was a very early article

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  27. 暴露地呈現在我眼前」說著說著,吳亮突然道:「哎喲,阿敏的小屁眼夾死我的大雞巴了, 威而鋼 香港 我有點忍不住了,啊,我要射精了 威而鋼 香港。靠?她也想要了??她的這一反應強烈地刺激了我。那藍衣人站穩身子,只見他劍眉星目,身直高挺,長髮髻在頭上,露出一雙大 樂威壯 買 耳 樂威壯 買,一張尚未成熟的臉上帶著幾分書卷氣,幾滴晶瑩的汗珠掛著其上,好一個英俊瀟灑的少年。因為,舅媽和舅舅在中秋節早上已經辦妥了離婚手續 樂威壯用量。我把少女拖至天台,看清四野無人,手便在她身上活動起來 一夜情,我以手扣將她反手扣起,手已快捷地揭起她的運動衫 充氣娃娃,少女的運動型胸圍被我粗暴的撕破,隨 樂威壯用量 即露出一雙小巧的乳房。這是他們傳統用草藥提煉而成的

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