Cipher of the Savior…A Film Exposing Ground Breaking Secrets About Art


  The Secret Life of Albrecht Durer”

 Controversial Film to Offer Groundbreaking Exploration on the Art and Life of the Genius Master  and the Incredible  Cipher Hidden in Plain Sight


Contact:  Dr. Elizabeth Garner; Daniel O’Doul

For Immediate Release:

New York, New York;  October 17, 2013:  

“CIPHER OF THE SAVIOR … THE SECRET LIFE OF ALBRECHT DURER,” is the notoriously provocative film project currently in pre-production, and based upon the iconoclastic and cutting-edge research of Dr. Elizabeth Garner, whose recent groundbreaking work has uncovered the secrets of the “Durer Cipher” – the artist’s complex system of embedding and encoding all of his iconic artwork with scandalous, religiously-subversive and politically – hidden messages.

Dr. Garner, whose Durer research is creating quite a stir and, even heated controversy, among today’s most prominent art historians and Scholars, has plainly stated that, “I am now one-hundred percent certain that Albrecht Durer employed such “ciphers” and “symbols” throughout his career to thwart the ‘powerdata:text/mce-internal,%u201Cs-that-be’ of the time who tried to control every aspect of his art and employ him towards their own means in programming the populace to perform the political, social and religious bidding of the reigning nobility in Medieval Nuremberg, Germany…  the impact of “The Durer Cipher” is still politically impacting our world, today.”

Fascinatingly, Dr. Garner is fresh from her work completing the definitive scholarly work on the secret life of Albrecht Durer – Crimes In Art: The Secret Cipher of Albrecht Durer, now available at and at her website at The art world is eagerly awaited her soon-to-be released masterwork, The Durer Cipher: the Encyclopedia of How to Understand the Durer Cipher and the Revelations Revealed. Dr. Garner’s brilliant revelation is this:  Albrecht Durer was controlled by powerful nobles and communal leaders who forcefully machinated him as a “hired hand” artist and utilized his considerable graphic skills to advance a religious campaign against their opponents and stir up the hatred and zeal of the masses against their chosen enemy.  Dr. Garner has discovered that just beneath the surface of such famous Durer masterpieces such as “Melencolia” and “The Apocalypse” lie hidden embedded and encoded images demonstrating Durer’s dangerously-risky personal attacks on his powerful handlers and his efforts to counter and, ultimately wholly subvert, their nefarious religious “holy war,” by surreptitiously and swiftly sending his urgent and “secret” messages to his chosen audience so that they may save themselves.

From a screenplay by Daniel O’Doul and Dr. Elizabeth Garner, “CIPHER OF THE SAVIOR,” is a powerful and provocative journey through almost 800 years, juxtaposing the invention of the Printing Press and the advent of the works of Margret and Albrecht Durer, who offered the first “art software” for mass transmission of his millennium – with a parallel depiction of Durer’s modern-day “progeny” in our millennium who masterfully develops the first “graphic software” to control the “Internet,” or “printing press” of our times.

“CIPHER OF THE SAVIOR…THE SECRET LIFE OF ALBRECHT DURER,” is a work of dazzling cinematic imagery, as complexly-layered as Durer’s “Melencolia,” itself.   A heady hallucinogenic trip, “CIPHER OF THE SAVIOR”, is perhaps, the most innovative and iconoclastic work since “Alice in Wonderland.”

This never-before-told story and cinematic masterwork will affect the worldly art scholar and casual observer, alike, causing them to re-assess and process the ground-breaking and brilliant revelations of Dr. Elizabeth Garner.  And, for the uninitiated … they will be totally blown-away by this breakneck-paced thriller which engulfs the viewer in a floridly-multicolored parallel-universe where nothing is really as it seems.  “CIPHER OF THE SAVIOR” promises to deliver both an unmatched cinematic experience and a paradigm-shifting event for its audience members


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