Auctioneer WHO RAN BOOK THEFT RING Surprisingly Released from Jail



Screenshot of Zisska & Schauer Photo: © Zisska & Schauer via FAZ


Herbert Schauer, the disgraced director of the Munich based antique book and art auctioneers, Zisska & Schauer has been released following a judicial review. The turn comes only weeks after Schauer was sentenced to five years imprisonment for his alleged involvement in the theft of a large number of antique books in Italy.

Schauer was accused of being part of a conspiracy to sell stolen antique books belonging to the Biblioteca dei Girolamini, embezzled by the Neapolitan library’s former director Massimo de Caro. Although the rare books in question, which included a first edition copy of a book by Galileo Galilei were promptly taken out of the auction and the accusations were vehemently denied, a European arrest warrant for Schauer was issued by authorities in Italy and he has been in custody under house arrest in Naples for almost 12 months, since August 2013.

Schauer’s German lawyer told FAZ that his client will appeal against the five year sentence because the trial didn’t include sufficient evidence or witness testimonies nor was any reason given for the sentencing. Schauer’s lawyer also revealed that his client will resign from his position as director of Zisska & Schauer in light of his legal circumstances.
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