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A 1504 engraving by Albrecht Durer worth $600,000 and a 1634 etching by Rembrandt worth an estimated $20,000 to $30,000 have disappeared from the Boston Public Library’s print collection — and could have been missing for up to a year before police were notified. Here’s a look at what we know:


Look at this nonsensical timeline being reported! The Durer found missing in June 2014! Yet no one says a word to mgmt! Gee, the inside perpetrators needed time to figure out how to fence, not an easy thing to do unless had already been set up to go to auction house who will sell your grandmother. A couple of Adam and Eva’s have gone on auction block since last June 2014

I was surprised to see so many Adam and Eva’s available at auction in the last year, but one of this quality would have gone thru a private sale since the print would have been stamped with the Bpl collectors mark. Its probably in Russia and since Christies is wholly owned private company, their books not open to public, no access to private sake data without supaoena from U.S. Justice dept or Interpol and not issuable til after audit done. Once again, why so long til auditors called in?

This Durer theft had to have a buyer set up to receive once taken in June and only one with a thorough history and connections and knowledge to plan this all would be Hitchings and how to get it out of there, bypassing all controls. Easiest way would have been to slip between an innocuous book checked out or that book given as a gift that figures in later.


How does a special audit company not get called into to do audit til December 2014! And Glover not be aware? Whose paying the consultants fee? Glover as I said with such a high salary is being protected.

The Rembrandt not found missing til April 15 2015? Nice tax day reward to the inside contact. Then someone given a “bargain” book from Bpl returns it suddenly? Uh to keep from being charged with fed felony grand theft, conspiracy Rico, going to jail.

Trustees don’t get notified!? Til recent? Again who’s paying the bill of the auditors in December, ?they have to be given special permission to access all, they have to be supervised by Bpl staff, no way I’m believing consultants have free rein to traipse among everything, they could steal.

The mayor still doing his Schlick as previously explained

NOW they find rare coins missing? Oooooh, those tourists are now given a treasure hunt to go after, GOLD! Who knows if that real. The tourist greed now activated, they gotta go to scene of crime, to find their own clues for the new treasure hunt. People are nutz

Hitchings the critic, 40 yrs in charge of this stuff and constant contact with staff til present knew all procedures and how to circumvent, to me the prime mastermind suspect

This timeline as reported makes NO sense. Why would the Durer found missing in June NOt trigger immediate involvement of all and noticifations to all in June? There’s no embarrassment in a print being misfiled, happens all the time.

Yet no special auditor til December., who wouldn’t foot the bill? Trustees, mayor, Glover had no authority to pay? Out of their budget? Follow the money trail.

Reporter not asking these questions,pointing them out?dumb art reporter,neither any knowledge of art, or business and heisting of art, these anomalies so glaring, unless the press purposefully being fed disinformation, that common too. Heck, I do it to determine if I think someone a thief or get bad vibe here, only use it rarely, so far on

• April 8 — The library’s chief of collections strategy becomes aware that the Durer print, titled “Adam and Eve,” is missing and may have been missing for several months. The library’s print department staff begins an internal search.

• April 11 — BPL President Amy Ryan is informed about the missing Durer print and notifies Jeffrey Rudman, chairman of the board of trustees.

• April 15 — The print department becomes aware that the Rembrandt, titled “Self-Portrait with Plumed Cap and Lowered Sabre,” is missing. Ryan contacts Mayor Martin J. Walsh and Police Commissioner William B. Evans to inform them that the two prints are missing. The internal review continues and Boston police begin assisting library personnel.

• April 29 — Taking the advice of Boston police, a police report is filed when the prints are not located during the initial internal search. The police department’s anti-corruption unit, which investigates wrongdoing by city officials, is assigned to the case.

• May 19 — News breaks about the missing prints.

• May 20 — The FBI says it is assisting Boston police in its investigation.durer albrecht sex rembrandt art heist renaissance

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