Manet In the Conservatory
Vermeer’s the Astronomer


Leonardo da Vinci’s lady with Ermine


Rembrandt’s The Night Watch


Goya’s Time of the Old Woman


Botticelli’s Primavera


Giotto de Bondone Madonna
Brueghel the Elder The Blind Leading the Blind

Enjoy these few samples of what are US Military people recovered

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  1. Good Morning Elizabeth,
    I must say, your linkedin message made me think that there must be a war going on and I thought I was on Twitter or some other site. There have been moments in my enjoyment of these discussions where I felt the same way, however and more to the point, I felt that there existed, a number of people who set out to destroy the linkedin discussions by dominating the field with antidotes and contradictions coupled with the “don’t touch me, I am right and you are wrong” attitudes. I felt that the originators of the discussions were put in the awkward position of coaching blind rugby in order to maintain the creation of a meaningful and informative parable.
    I also felt that there may have been one person posing as an older, humble and simple person but at times revealed a higher intelligence. Here is where I logged off for good as I felt betrayed and manipulated. Sorry to have gone on for so long here, I have read your statement about dozens of calls.
    Best wishes Elizabeth,

    1. Hi Xersa,

      I can’t quite understand from your comment whether you are in support of true free speech on Linked without being subjected to defamation or not from this answer. But I will tell that that with what I learned from LinkedIn today, and i will post worldwide, it appears that Linkedin fosters the despotism of group moderators, has no intenttion of following the law or international treaties about these issues and I all be publishing the outrageous response i got back from LinkedIn very soon.

      thanks for commenting.



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  3. Hello! Is everything OK? A lot of work has obviously been done on this site, but it seems to have gone cold in the past couple years or so. Wishing you well.

    1. Thank you for your concern and the well wishes. I don’t quite understand at all what you are indicating by commenting that the site has “gone cold” in the last couple of years. This website has only been in existence for a couple of years. What might you be expecting? I’m always interested in finding out what my audience would like to know about.

      Yes, this site takes an enormous amount of work and and extraordinary amount of time to bring everyone the truth about the Durers, or an article to which the world really should pay attention about the incredibly corrupt art world, or a laugh and a smile to someone’s heart. On the average just writing an article about the Durers desperate encoding with evidence takes around 6 hours and that’s after weeks of research. And consumed in one minute or so by a reader. This isn’t Facebook or similar. This site is more popular than all the world museums’ sites other than the Metropolitan and the Getty. Anne the audience knows that when they come and read, they will find the truth, something dramatically lacking in the world today.

      I hope you’ll be back.



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