Oct 312014

The Riace Bronzes Photo: Itsa Llgreek via All Things Greek

Italian culture minister Dario Franceschini is weighing whether to ship the world-renowned Riace Bronzes from their home in Calabria, over 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) north to Milan. In the proposed plan, the pair of statues would travel to the next Universal Exposition, EXPO 2015, for a period of six months. However, many experts believe that even a slight movement Read more..

Oct 292014

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This Magic square number is found in the upper left hand corner of the complete Magic square as you see here:


It’s the lead in number that would catch people’s eyes and the target  audiences  that  needed to get the messages. Whyen these numbers are studied we can see that they are receded into the tower; one has to look very closely to see this phenomena.


Once again we are seeing some deceptive symbols tha the Dures have Read more..

Oct 282014

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In order to celebrate Halloween and some of the weirdest things in the magic square of Melencholia and all of Durer’s amazing encodings, for those of you have might have missed any of the articles on the weird encodings in the magic square, I am consolidating all the annotated images of of each of the magic square panes so you can se them all together and compare why you see.

“Witches” would love to see you achieve this.

So this article will will combine all the annotated images of the numbe Read more..

Oct 272014

Mugshots for Todd Rose, Charles Douglas Jr., and Timothy Marsh. Photo: via the <em>Daily Courier</em>.

A supposed Pablo Picasso worth “millions” was recently the heart of a bizarre dispute between a landlord and tenant in Prescott, Arizona. If this sounds improbable, well, it turns out it was: the unfortunate conflict—which involved a bomb threat and meth, as well as the k Read more..

Oct 272014


France’s professional nude models are fed up with stripping down for low wages in terrible conditions. A group called La Coordination des modeles has been fighting since 2008 to improve the working conditions and wages for the country’s professional nude models, and organized a protest .

“We protested Read more..

Oct 262014


A very large painting by Guercino has been stolen from San Vincenzo church in Modena, Italy. The 1639 painting measures more than 9 feet tall and 6 feet wide, and depicts Mary accompanied by John the Evangelist and Saint Gregory. According to Italian art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, it is worth between 5–6 million ($6.7–8 million). The wor Read more..

cambogia garcinia

Oct 252014


Police in Austria are urging fraud victims who may have bought forged Pablo Picasso paintings to come forward.

A press release published on the Austrian police website confirms that a gang of Serbian con-men were uncovered and arrested. The fraudsters allegedly offered fake Picasso paintings for around €300,000 and enticed potential victims by presenting forged Read more..

Oct 242014

Helge Achenbach Photo: Andreas Endermann via RP-Online

A second plaintiff has come forward with a fraud claim against Germany’s most prominent art adviser, Helge Achenbach. The state prosecutor, Anette Milk would only confirm on Thursday that a second claimant had been registered but would not disclose his or her name. The paper reports, however, that the claimant is Bernd Viehof, the billionai Read more..

Oct 232014

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We come to the last analyzed encodings in the Magic square. We have been very surprised at how much messaging was actually going in in this magic square.  Especially when everyone loved them so and more than likely, everyone would be inspecting these sixteen panes.  Most would have shook their he’d in not being able to find anything, but the target audiences would have gotten the meshes immediately.


As  we we’re analyzing al the singular encodings in th Read more..